Personal experience and channelling from the planetary group to help us:

We healed our discomfort WITH the singing bowls by striking them and holding OUR hands close to them to feel their frequency go though them.

As in reflexology it can be done on the hands.

For the last 7 weeks we have been in an adjustment period and have been in a whirl wind tunnel~ we have emerged into the new normal~ changed.

We can feel the integration of the old and new merging~ what a relief.

We got the bowls and started to use the binaural sounds that brought in the under tones linking the bowls sound to Gaia and opaque light energy.


DEAR SOULS ON EARTH: you see! You live in the light/opaque energy fields ~ it’s not dark in the way of the 3/4/5th Ds the humans fear and believe.

The body’s nodes, chakras and energy points are open and functioning with these new pulses~ it’s filling the space~ all people will open up to their truth or shut it down if they don’t like it, but the option is here now and will not be shut off completely it will slowly expand in everyone.


It’s the harmonic crystal petals of life that bend and entwine making beautiful music, as each movement of the petals is crystal sounds.


That’s the way of the alchemists in all of you ~ to assist this transition~ give yourselves over to the sound, feelings and emotions as it comes~ use your tool kit knowledge and move into the galactic zone consciously as it passes wave after wave of the frequency focus within you and Gaia from these planetary groups energy opening.

Each wave is a different tonal sound that can be distinguished~ each comes from a different direction N, S, E, W and have different colours and density.

You can feel then in your hands/ arms almost ‘see’ then as they enfolded with each other, without losing their individual integrity~ they formed geometric shapes, golden mean patterns.


The deep tone of the Tibetan bowl coming from the left hand and is dark brown orange and warm dense field of powerful energy that’s grounded all the other tones~ getting them flowing as they play in their light/opaque dark, yin/yang.

Every time you/we do this you/we are creating the template for future work to be done on earth by humans.


The unification of the ALL coming together as one in the unique frequencies as the creation of the one:

The waves creates tension in the physical~ you have to let go of ALL obligations towards others~ and go within~ your physical has re-grouped in realignment.

There are many levels of sacred numbers energy’s, as the conglomerate of souls doing their life paths according to the divine creation force is covering these levels for all life on earth.


One global meditation is not how it happens~ the unity~ is in the levels of knowledge~ that each soul understands~ who have their own thoughts and aspirations about them~ therefor creating the tapestry of all life~ that requires every type of energy~ to make up the whole.


If you don’t understand how! We will explain a bit.

All workers are aware of the significant dates and numbers 9/9 or 8/8~ in Gaia’s year~ a balance is needed in nature to keep this equilibrium in check~

 Each group, soul, or class~ is doing their own interpretation of these meditations~ according to their level of knowledge and understanding of the ancient ways.

This is unity! The fact that each one is taking place in the unification of facilitating these sacred number portals with the unique energy of each individual group~ to cover ALL aspects of life in our universe~ each group puts their piece of the puzzle into the bigger picture to create a unified whole!

It has to be this way~ so be it.


The equinox has been another part of this last quarter of 2019 that is also being added to the whole~ in all its infinite ways by all souls who activate it.


It does not work if people got together as one and did the focus~ that would make it out of balance.

It works as a collective of all levels coming together~ for a special day or time to bring in their unique frequency to the whole for the re-configurations of the structure of these latest pulses to be assigned to the completion of this 2019 time picture.


It leaves its imprint on humanities collective mind, body and soul and that of the planets, galaxies and universe.

 That’s how unity works on the multi Ds~ the very word multi describes it perfectly many come together to form a whole one~ the ALL~ each group gives and receives its constant replenishing of the infinite of all life in the universe. X


Replenish means give and take~ give back what’s been taken~ we give and replenish~ give and take~ breath in and out~ nurture.

The system is based for give and take and replenish~ give back.

The source of the constant infinite light is replenished ~ giving and getting back as an infinite golden mean ratio.


This latest pulse is very dampening- quiet- calm, almost to the point of everything has stopped- all channelling- inspirations- thoughts, it’s a BIG feeling of just Being- with nothing else~ its not sad or happy-light or dark its just ‘being’.

Dear souls~ these latest changes has taken the ascension into the new era, for sure~ and its gone beyond the understanding of mans way of thinking~ man is still in the quagmire of the 3/5th Ds earths societies ‘way’ of living @ the moment~ this will carry on for awhile~ the confusion is to be expected.

Let your mind and soul be quiet as these pulses penetrate your physical with these light/opaque frequency~ to fully align your matrix.