This is channelled and is directed to all souls on earth:

Now! These new vibrations are in and attuned to earth/Gaia, its very easy for us to gain access to these multi Ds, it seems, like all we do is lower our body’s energy from a state of the 3/5th Ds thought, by allowing it to flow down the back into the legs and feet and drop into the anchor of Gaia’s being that we stand on and we are there in state of this MOMENT~ NOW~ NO STRINGS to anything other than being @ one with the ascended light vibrations.

This is OUR experiences~ each one of you dear souls are having experiences that you may not be able to understand in the old way of being~ the dreams, imaginations, feelings of recognition of something that you cant quite remember.

Everyone IS being made aware of their unique concepts of how they are being given these ancient messages.

DO NOT DISMISS THEM~ you might not be able to comprehend exactly what these thoughts, dreams, images, ideas, visions are as yet~ but be rest assured they are real and are opening up your minds, brains and souls to the reality of your innate ability to be your own master and take on the authenticity of you reason for being here.

We ask you to express these unfamiliar insight, the connection to your higher self, let the pen write~ or the pencil flow across a sheet of paper~ allow your inner soul to guide your hands to draw, your voice to speak, feet to dance, mind to flow and see what comes out.

It wont be written instruction- but it will be HOW YOUR HEART FEELS while you do these expressions~ it is this feeling of wholeness that you focus on and ASK for more understanding of it.

Ask your heart feelings to enlighten you~ and be open enough to accept that there are new directions for humanity~ so they it can begin to move the old ways out~ so that this new era can take root.

There are no references to anything in the way of direct instructions or scientific data; it’s to do with your own trust~ in your own true self.

Trust, that what you are being shown, will lead you to a deeper experiences, knowledge and understanding of your true authentic self~ who came to earth for this period to gain the insights through your physical life~ to deepen these waves into Gaia’s and mans mind and body.

 Because! Its mans ability to be this active sentient being who has the knowledge and understanding to bring about these earthly changes.

Earth people are the physical embodiment of these frequencies on earth~ TO KEEP THE BALANCE and to become attuned to their own higher frequencies to actualise these cosmic alignments and power portal across Gaia.

These latest fields have adjusted the physical balance of all life~ and activated the dormant DNA within it.

And the outcome is; how a mind can be open and activated via these omens, dreams, imagination, and the flash of light when they’re IS NO LIGHT.

The images you see when you close our eyes or be in a dark room and LOOK @ this.

Fear is one thing that holds man back from exploring these inner realms openly~ and each one of you has to do what-ever it takes to understand your fears and where they come from~ look back @ at your life path and recognise what has made you fearful and ask how to over-come them to let them go.

Understand that life on earth is a finite circle that is the base of your infinite being/soul~ and every soul has to leave its physical life on earth~ but its only the physical ‘bit’ that does not transition this finite circle.

The infinite you releases back into your higher self to carry on giving and receiving~ nurturing new souls~ learning~ teaching~ through your experiences~ giving out replenishing your self and others~ give and take.

Your individual life path is your chosen path and you have the ability to enhance it with your deeper understanding of existence into your highest truth~  to bring about the highest truth from the bigger picture during your time here on earth.

Take note of everything that you see, hear and feel~ remember it~ when it keeps repeating, try writing it down or make it a solid form in your note book, music or pictures~ make it come into life on earth through your input, you are the conduits for this data~ its coming in from the deep ancient Atlantis through sacred files form the library into your perception now~ and you have the power to materialise it on Gaia now! For the shift into the 2020 new 9 year cycle~ with love and blessings~ do not be afraid!

Look, feel, see, observe, remember and recall it~ give it out to others~ use the tchknowlgy~ DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS! Accept that EVERYTHING is correct and everything is an earthly experience~ to be given out to others.

Don’t get depressed or excited by any of it; it’s your perception; that will bring up your emotions when experiencing these gifts of data~ the perception; that you decided to experience when you came to earth this time.

It is for you to understand how your higher self is talking to you~ and how to clear these emotional entrainments that you have in your chosen life~ your old belief systems~ they are breaking down now and can be cleared once and for all.

Be  Love,  Be Light,  Be Happy: Xx