It’s the medium of the new physical light that holds the multi Ds~ opaque~ pure~ energy fields that prevail the universe~ we can ‘see’ structures~ shapes colour~ faces and bright light flashes or the dull light slow patterns of light in the dark~ that can be seen and held by our physical vision in a room with no physical light.

It has the same feeling as the under tones of binaural sound and singing bowls tones~ this is a cosmic resonance~ the opaque/light dark and the undertones of sound~ pure energy of cosmic resonance.

As a human being on earth~ we ignore what we see~ like a picture of the sun with the orb reflective light~ we are told that this is a non-clear image that has to have light orbs taken out~ to produce an acceptable photograph~ we ignore the beauty of these light reflection as not real!

Opaque Light/dark:

When we look into dark/opaque energy space ~ i.e. a room with no daylight or electric light~ we see shapes, structure, flickering opaque light and we ignore them it creates fear of the unknown~ fear of the boogieman~ fear of ‘being there’.

If we held NO fear and look into the dark openly~ with our true authentic self~ we can and do see the non- light opaque energy~ with structure faces, shapes and colour~ we become consciously aware~ that this is real~ and we have been ignoring it for eons of time because of a given belief.

This energy field is outside the constructs of the human belief system therefore it’s deemed not real.

It can be seen in periphery sight clearer than one line focus~ it can be seen~ when we relax our eyes and let them float into their own focus instead making them focus on an object~ let the eyes go slightly crossed-eyed in a relaxed and natural way.

If our eyes are unable to read 3/5th D things~ or see something with a clear outline~ we get adjustment lens and ignore what we can see as a natural visual image.

We are told we have to focus and ‘see’ things as the majority do~ and ignore the things our eyes see naturally~ we have to do this to function to live on 3/5 Ds earth.

But if we let our eyes relax, we see light and dark shadows of everything~ this is non-sun light energy~ and in a dark room~ we can still see it.

This could be our model of opaque light/dark cosmic resonances of opaque light; the meaning of opaque~ non-transparent, cloudy, filmy, blurred, hazy, misty. E


Singing bowls binaural sound:

The frequency of the singing bowls and binaural sound changes the structure of our blood cells~ re-aligning and balancing them into their natural way~ when we are in this opaque light we have the same undertone feelings of the bowls it is dynamic.

The opaque energy is connected to our field in the same ways as the sounds of the bowls and binaural frequency~ it is another ancient understanding of how the universe is functioning with the omnipresence that has sound waves of subtlety that are overlooked.

These things are being looked at now and the old way is breaking down

The changes the humans D N A has opened up the dormant frequency so that everyone can feel, see and understand what they have been ignoring in their sight and hearing.

Yes, in the 3/4/5th Ds the sight and hearing is changed over a life span and every one can hear different sounds or sight as they age on earth.

Do not dismiss these changes as being wrong! Everything is correct! Get your glasses and hearing aids and use them in the physical world~ but do not dismiss what you ‘see’ or hear without these aides~ because these are of the higher Ds frequency~ do not be afraid of them~ learn to read your inner knowing that comes with these changes~ its an intuitive way of understanding and accepting that all humans can and do have these ability E S P, psychic innate powers in life.

The reason for these radical ideas is because of the higher suns emissions~ it has opened up the human D N A so that man can step forwards into their authentic self of their innate light opaque body’s, its time for this ancient data to be released into the mind of man~ utilise the energy of resonance of sound to be able to get a handle understanding of this aspect of the universal laws. 

This is an unknown component of the universal law of creation of the opaque consciousness energy that is omnipresent as the supporting field of energy’s that man has yet to measure~ because the technology is not on earth yet~ we are giving this information in the physical mind~ so that all people can step into this new future with confidence.