We got very tired~ and out of balance~ and used the bowls to help us balance~ it was very expanding~ and as we focused we could feel the vibrations run through our physical. We imagined it was aligning every cells bring them back to perfect.

We are in a heightened state of being~ by this~ we mean we feel heightened in our inner bodies~ like we are big! But we know we are just the same as always~ its contradictory~ both at the same time definitely a bit uncomfortable

Dear soul the binaural sounds will not upset the demeanour/ your outward aspect.

It adjusts your inner self~ to attune to these new light frequencies that come from the suns rays and the outer galactic array’s.

Its not harmful~ its serving us all~ use it when you feel like you need to~ to keep your balance.

When you interact in the 3/5th world on any level~ it does make your field unstable~ you are learning how to integrate these energies and function on multi D levels and how to re-adjust your self when this happens~ it’s a bit uncomfortable in some ways~ and at other times this is very uplifting, powerful and beautiful. Remember everything is moving ALL the time~ in waves and spirals~ fluctuating with peaks and troughs with the fields of energy going up and down with these pulses~ as they in come from our sun/son/sol and the outer galaxies.

The tonal sound of the bowls and binaural sound~ will always heal your body and your field of light/opaque energy~ that we all are~ this is the future for health and balance in this NOW time.

Let it become wide spread~ across the globe~ and as souls ‘play’ with these they are getting the benefit from it.

If you use your heart felt unconditioned love consciously while you listen~ and imagine your cells and blood re- organising as you use these tools~ it will greatly enhance you.

As always~ its only the ones who are going through their own leaning path~ that will take this responsibility to heal their self~ it cannot come from outside!

When you receive healing~ the healer is opening up the higher channel of the person being healed~ so that the soul can take it to the place most needed.

You can’t get your own unique balance in your fields from only attending a class or therapy~ you have to do your own practice~ its like meditating~ a way to reach your true levels of light oblique energies.

Everyone’s path is different and no-one will progress in the same way~ to do this practice in your own way~ will bring you to the place that is correct for you

The future of going into the higher field is through~ heart felt love focus~ with the awareness of your consciousness~ working with the harmonics and tonal sounds~ along with the connectedness to your awareness of the consciousness of your heart felt love focus into the ONE~ bring these two together ~ and anchor into Gaia.