Merlin, Melchizedek, Michael and Metatron released Gaia from an implant received a long time ago~ healing her, it was done through us~ we worked with the binaural sound~ singing bowls~ singing~ all musical sounds to balance Gaia.

It has allowed a much-enhanced frequency of light consciousness~ vibrations~ and waves on all levels of human understanding~ every one has received this

They ask light workers to focus on the sounds~ resonations, nature, music and singing~ use anything to bring in these harmonic additives to the supreme incoming tonal light.

There are many ways to anchor sound~ we have been told to use the binaural sounds that resonate with our tonal light~ we connected to the binaural tone and released the energy of the pineal gland in our self and Gaia and experienced a deep understanding about how this sound can open up the bodies energies~ so that we can take in these Diamond waves within~ and then expand it out to all the cosmos~ it’s a diamond silver iridescent wave with rainbow colours shimmering down covering everything.

This vibration is penetrating every life form- and Gaia~ it is penetrating the collective consciousness of awakened souls.

This is another part of the bigger picture.

Everything that is being experienced @ this time~ is layers upon layers~ setting the template of new earth~ making it stronger and stronger~ everyone is a creator/ co-creator.

In a dream we were being told to hold an emotion~ a feeling~ keep hold of it until its settled or as long as possible.

We can feel BOTH of these waves within ~ the emotion and the new diamond silver iridescent wave with rainbow colours ~ as the old one is bubbling in our sacral and solo plexus~ the calm ones are from the middle heart and crown and that is what we are to focus on and hold.

On the bigger picture~ we are to keep balance and hold these crystals corridor centred on mid America to begin to materialised it in the hyper fields of the cosmic rays coming in as two very big bright pulses of light vibrations and these are harmonic in essence so we can do it through the singing bowls and guitar resonance.

You tell us to forget our physical embodiment and keep focused on these arrays of divine source light from outside and on the inner levels~ it’s all one