Start a new day/ year~ 9 year cycle~ the time line is open for the undertone/ upper tine resonance when we feel/ listen and are in this brand new energy density of light/dark energy /matter~ DO NOT DISMISS DARK ENERGY/MATTER as negative resonance~ its NOT!

This is hard to explain! The given belief that dark is bad or scary a negative reactions~ or demonic- is a GIVEN FEAR!  “Don’t go out in the dark, something might attract you”.


It has been a necessary control for humans since the fall into the lower Ds, with good reason @ these times before man could realise that this dark “night fall” is different to the dark matter/energy that supports all celestial bodies and humanity.


The scientists called it dark energy / matter because they can’t see it, the dark conjures up the negative aspect with earths peoples!

Here is another weird piece of info! How do we deal with this!

You the 4Ms are smiling and telling about the seeds of truth about life~ because you cant see it~ does not mean~ it does not exist!

Open the 3 hearts within- pineal/ crown chakra/ middle heart the solar plexus chakra and feel the supportive frequency of conscious dark energy supporting everything, everywhere. 

Its not dark it’s nature~ its outside of mans vision frequency~ we do not mean the linier view of humanity on Gaia’s old Ds.

It is the vision of the expansive multi D world of the all and is hard to perceive from that 3/4/5th earth knowledge and understanding.

The key is everyone can feel it! It is the conscious loving blanket of divine balance of the ONE> TWO> SACRED THREE!

Light cannot exist on its own~ it has to exist as a part of TWO.

ONE supporting the other~ and the other supporting the ONE. Our understanding of this is~ for as bright and beautiful the  great light of the divine IS~ SO it is on the dark matter that is as bright dark and beautiful energy as the divine one!

One and the same! Yin Yang is the whole.

Dark matter it is not as the implications are. Know that we are all being supported by this @ all times- its benign- Father/Mother balance- light and dark- positive and negative in BALANCE- our support. “The one supports the other and the other supports the one” Yin Yang constantly shifting and flowing with the rhythm of harmony and tonal sound and the authentic heart felt love focus of the life force of Gaia planets and cosmos.