The down loads: The higher energy coming into this planet~ and into all life~ is designed to filter into every life force @ the frequency that is compatible ~ it is not set~ neither is the amount of light/dark coming in~ the energy comes in and adapts to the harmonics of each individual as a personal pointer for their unique progress~ its different for each soul.

The way showers are receiving this~ the full power of these waves of light/dark~ is acclimatizing with life.

Personal experience: In our feeling self~ we can feel another field of energy that is dark in colour~ and gives off a powerful feeling of being there in our physical body~ in the same way as our light energy is there.

If we make it a field of dark energy + a light one~ side-by-side~ how does that sit within!

It’s not a field~ it’s a channel field with a soft, dark, centre, supported by the light channel field that holds the balance.

So if we now use the two as one when we are doing all work~ there is no separation they are one.

We are anchoring into Gaia+ galixy universe.

We are one with Gaia and channelling field of light/ dark and it’s the Christos over body of light/dark.

It seem that we need to bring in sound~ we need to be aware consciously of the way of sound~ our own consciousness and the way of Sound~ our own inspirers are also saying~ that sound needs to be brought into the awareness and focus of the conscious mind~ to complement all the other work we are doing.

The science behind binaural beats is being looked  @ and tested and the results are positive.

These vibrations are to take this next step toward the completion of the whole ascension @ this time period

In the midst the 3/5th D mayhem~ you, me and all of the planetary souls ~ who are here in Gaia’s garden ~ uphold the frequency of sound, vision and energetic fields of this Ain-Soph, Metatron, Merlin, Melchizedek, and the Christos over body of the divine light~ in place while all life absorbs it into there D N A structure integrating @ all levels of understanding.

So step UP~ out of this quagmire of money, control and power into this ascended space out of reach of these who will happily crush you/us if we give them the opportunity.

With the power instated in us, you and all souls who are attuned~ we hold the binaural sound in our fields~ that is placed in the centre of the planetary souls field~ that is @ the centre of our heart in the areas of confused mayhem~ and we expand it into these fields of the 6-12th rays/Ds~ as we hold~ it hovers slightly off set to the 3rd D norm and can infiltrate everybody as they happily go about their day.

They are unaware of this~ its not in their spectrum yet~ they will be un-conscious of it but it is integrated into everyone’s higher fields, 26,000 year cycle is coming to its end~ we are becoming crystal based instead of carbon based.  Thank you.


 Personal experience: We are being asked to do a 9/9 meditation to hold and anchor the Solar~ planetary beings~ light/ oblique fields of the other darker matter.

As we sit in our solar space~ and listen to the binaural sounds of 852 Hz~ activate our crystal clear intuition in this NOW! The healing vibrations connect with the inner self~ we find ourselves in the energy field of the planetary beings group~ who are merging with our field through the tones of the sounds~ into a deep feeling within every cell of our body~ expanding it both in and out in all directions~ multi Dimensional and it extends beyond our human understanding of this~ all we know~ is it is Omnipresent in all that “I AM”~ we are being asked to expand it out into the physical realm of human life and hold it.

Now we are holding again~ and spreading the Light/oblique. Darker matter of these solar planetary souls fields~ across Gaia in Agatha and out to the galixy and star systems.

We organise a healing group~ to activate the 9/9 portal from the Pleiades soul group of our solar system, to bring in this natural finish of the 26,000 cycle that we have been in.

As this sound plays on and expands~ in its harmonic structure~ we feel these waves of divine light /opaque fields in balance with all life~ its as if we are the wave~ its very powerful.

The energy is being kept clear~ as it releases all blocked energy from all physical structures~ as a form of energy it releases the layers of negative energy from all forms of life.

The whole quadrant of our universe is being endowed with a warn, soft, deeply coloured love~ light opaque /dark matter~ omnipresent encompassing all life in all Ds @ one moment~ its almost immobilising us~ we can move and ‘be’ in it @ the same time.

Its 2.30 pm and the jobs done for this period~ we can come out of this space now for a while.

We feel like we are experiencing being a planetary soul of the Christos over body~ just sitting and there’s nothing to do except ‘be’ ‘here’ ‘like’ ‘this and completely enjoying its wonderment.

All previous grid works an alive and channelling this light/oblique field across Gaia connection the multi D to every portal grid geometric shapes crystals and every D N A in all life.

 This Christos Light/ opaque /darker energy field is coming from the grand Galactic central sun-son-sol and its penetrating into every ‘bit’ of given information on all levels and alchemically changing all the souls who are interested.

The light code language is given in omens-writing-pictures- music- dance and its been held with the soul of anyone who has/is creating these new fields and channels of activity~ these messages penetrate the human D N A and mind if they are open enough.

It shows us that this world is a holographic simulation without a safety switch~ and it’s a small bubble~ the real universal world is in this beyond place ~ it’s much different~ every entity is concerned with the nurturing of new souls~ child souls, everyone learning from all others~ all existing to keep the level of light oblique/dark energy~ replenishing at all times~ towards the great divine source of the universal central sun~ replenishing it.

The central sun gives out its energy and is replenished~ by all other entities giving back~ it continually feeds life and constantly need replenishing it’s the grand cycle of life in this universe.

Because we are all one~ we give to replenish~ what we receive from this Grand central sun~ as this exchange goes on~ we ‘Be’ one with the all.

Our life paths are to lead us to replenishing~ give and take.


9/9: channelled

There are many levels of sacred numbers energy’s~ all souls who are following their life paths~ according to the divine creation force~ is covering these levels for all life on earth.

The unification of the all coming together as one in the unique frequencies as the creation of the one:

The unity of a global meditation is the unity of the levels of knowledge that each soul understands~ and are having their own thoughts and aspirations about them.

A balance is needed in nature to keep the equilibrium in check~ it’s the same with mans intent to do any spiritual work~ each group, soul, or class is doing their own interpretation~ of these number meditations~ according to their level of knowledge and understanding of the ancient ways.

This is unity! The fact that each one is taking place in the unification of facilitating these sacred number portals to cover ALL aspects of life in our universe~ each group puts their piece of the puzzle into the bigger picture to create a unified whole!

It has to be this way~ so be it.

It works as a collective of all levels~ coming together for a special day or time~ bringing in their unique frequency into the whole~ for the re-configurations of the structure of these latest pulses~ to be assigned to the completion of this 2019 time picture.

It leaves its imprint on all humanity collective~ and the planets, galaxies and universe.

That’s how unity works on the multi Ds~ the many come together to form a whole one the ALL~ each group gives and receives its constant replenishing of the infinite of all life in the universe. X