We are keeping/ feeling and emanating this light out to ALL! The high guides are concerned with adapting~ initiating~ setting up~ the new structure in the binaural sounds of higher D vibrations~ resonance of the harmonics.

There has to be an equal amount of each component part for ascension and harmonic sounds is one of the prime states that need adjusting with the light frequency vibrations light.

The binaural sounds and singing bowls~ sound and music is completely relative @ this time of ascension for the harmonics. It is said that sound is one of the major components of natures building blocks.

It changes the crystal D N A structure of the density of molecules and will re-align all energy~ its important that the tonal resonance is completely in harmony with the light given @ the time of meditation, healing and living.

The core of the harmonic undertone waves~ run through us with the vibrations and connects us to the ALL of the universal resonance stream of the ALL~ healing all planets cosmos and humanity.

The core undertone~ running through us when we do this healing is dark in colour~ soft, deep, dark, soft, loving and a different stream~ compared to the great fields of this 17th rays.

It is a core connection as a taproot.

It IS dark, soft, pliable with great strength~ it supports us nurturing us~ holding us in the areas of its security.

It does not have a scale~ it 85% of the universe~ it is dark~ this means we cannot see it with our eyes~ we can feel and sense it~ make it grow~ expand and contact us.

We were told awhile back that dark matter/ energy is extremely bright white light~ and that man cannot learn about its structure yet~ in same way as consciousness~ it cannot be measured.

This info is channelled there is very little information or evidence for this explanation of the dark matter/energy.

For reference see

Dark matter it is not as the implications are. Know that we are all being supported by this @ all times~ its benign- Father/Mother balance~ light and dark~ positive and negative in BALANCE- our support. “The one supports the other and the other supports the one”~ Yin Yang~ constantly shifting and flowing with the rhythm of harmony and tonal sound~ with the authentic heart felt love focus of the life force of Gaia, planets and cosmos.