THE SINGING BOWLS: earth healing and science of vibration: The resonance of music for healing both Gaia and humanity:

THE SINGING BOWLS:  earth healing and science of vibration:

The resonance of music for healing both Gaia and humanity:

The structure of new earth with sound:

The high guides are concerned with adapting~ initiating the setting up the new structure in the binaural sounds of higher D vibrations~ resonance of the harmonics.

The binaural sounds and singing bowls~ sound and music is completely relative @ this time of ascension. It is said that sound is one of the major components of natures building blocks.

It changes the crystal D N A structure of the density of molecules and will re-align all energy- its important that the tonal resonance is completely in harmony with the light given @ the time of meditation, healing and living.

The harmonies are a component part of ascension that needs adjusting with the light frequency vibrational light.

We were inspired to get singing bowls and bells~ and start to look at the resonance of sound when using them.

This is to bring in the resonance of these different vibrations and encourage the undertone to come forwards into Earths vibratory core for assistance in her progress.

When we strike the bowl~ a ring vibrates and causes a deeper undertone that seems to flow in a wavy sound~ its this undertone that we tune into~ and feel the tonal resonation of the sound through our physical body~ we connect to Gaia/Earth.

We played the bowls and were told by the beings~ that the matrix of the vibrations/ resonance/ sound/ reflection when playing the bowls~ is making sacred crystal geometric shapes within the skeleton of humanity, Gaia and life~ its streaming into the fields with a flow and ebb as the bowl vibrates on the surface sound and creates an inner deeper sound running with it flowing in a wave.

These 2019 waves are strong they are bombarding Gaia~ the of inner core earths density is very reduced~ due to the light workers over the years~ and this will greatly reduce the intensity of earthquakes, volcanoes and movement of the tectonic plates so the life can be sustained.

The indication is~ that while we do this sound healing on our-self it is being done in earth and everywhere! We are one!

The levels of this focus are on a fine-tuning into the inner soul! Of the ALL!

With great respect!

We balance and hold this feeling through our whole field.

We hold the galactic light field within our hearts/ nodes and chakras where we receive these rays.