The Galactic school Aug. 2019:

The energy of the planetary beings are here~ Yes dear souls there is plenty to talk about~ to start with an update of the galactic school~ a recap from when you started it~ re-read the last years blogs on the Galactic school~ assess what was said and then assess your progress over this time.

The new ways of being~ feeling~ seeing~ acting:  then recognising your progress and how it is impacting on life.


There are levels of guidance that has come through into the awareness of every ones consciousness~ the tutors will divide into natural groups of guidance~ according to their inspirations.

We will bring to the attentions of the tutors~ that we are the galactic school to bring the ancient data in to be given into the media for the next year.


The energies over this period has gone off the charts~ “so to speak” ~ as the year has gone on~ the waves of light have pored in~ and you have gone through your life day by day~ dealing with these fluctuations as they arrive~ slowing releasing old negatives and learning to use the coping methods that have been given over time.

This year has been about realising, experiencing and moving through these new energies, ideas and understandings from the light codes/language that is in every bit of information shared.


We can talk about symptoms of ascension~ you can know that as long as you have addresses any illness~ through a doctor or a hospital~ you can ride through these feeling both physical and emotional~ with the use of your newly acquired knowledge of dealing with these things as an individual~ using your “tools” the Breath~ Nature~ Meditation~ Diet and good health practices~ life styles~ using your own inner truths, knowledge and up dated understanding of HOW TO DO THIS.


Some of you have had to retreat a bit while you re-calibrate your energy~ before moving into your own new authentic self and life style.

Others have just come into the open from Plato’s cave they have stepped out.

 Many already enlightened souls are taking their place in the guiding and encouragement of their groups.

Things have shifted~ some souls will change their input~ others will carry on as before~ some will take the sharing of the Galactic school ideas onwards and upwards.

The many layers of learning~ understanding and comprehension of the knowledge~ of the light language~ its for every individual soul~ to explore and find your way in this adventure of raised vibration frequencies that you all find ourselves in.

Look back at the Galactic school page~ Galactic school x4~back to Galactic school~ Galactic information~ Galactic trek 1 and 2, and see how far you have come.

What’s to happen?~ The progress will carry on~ as will the suns emissions continuing to raise earth frequencies and ours.

The shared posts will still contain the light language of the ancient knowledge~ on all levels.

The images that get posted are imprinting these codes into the human DNA and it’s going into the collective conscious of humanity.

For all souls there is a need to be choosy about what you read, see and follow~ only go with the things that sit well with your ways/ feeling.

You have learnt to use your feelings~ thoughts~ and imagination to change things~ that comes into your life so that you can use them.

Feeling how expanded you are~ using your thought changes~ to accept and let go of the negative~ using your imagination to ‘see’ these new ways~ not as an object its an understanding that there is no perimeter or related perceptions.

Everything will carry on as usual~ we will bring in concepts of different aspects of life in our every day world.

New models and theory’s are the keys to the universe~ many of these theories are on the right track~ but not proven yet~ it will happen eventually~ in the meantime we are bringing in ideas on these levels ~ to be shared so that these things can~ be understood and proven in the end~ when this data goes into the collective of mankind they will be discovered.

Radical ideas come- dark matter ~ consciousness~ how man can use your authentic self to create what you wants~ how to access this energy light within to bring in balance and light~ there are many more souls bringing in the positive than bringing in the negative energy now.

Many of you have realised that kindness~ love~ compassion and understanding~ are the awareness of your authentic heart felt conscious love~ and that it does shift energy~ create the balancing and it starts with you as one person doing it.

We bring you great understanding light streams~ to enhance your progress. Thank you X