"There is no welcome", Rae says to Jack, "only lost and lonely souls who have been detatched from the human collective and is in the in-the-be-tween-time".

"Yes", Jack answers, "the period of time in- be-tween is when a person has released the old and before they have taken on the new fully.

It is an adjustment time where the awareness of the souls consciousness is set free from old earthly controls and restrictions.

It leaves a residue of uncertainty within as they let go of their past~ go within~ every soul has the freedom to decide what they want.

In this new light frequency of earth~ the sensitive souls become aware of their own inner conscious self and realise it is a free state of consciously being in their life’s~ instead of only seeing and feeling the control conscious of the old earth boundaries.

It has been a long slow awakening so far~ this last planetary alignment with Sirius has released those boundaries with the help of all start seeds~ way-showers~ light- workers and its these souls who are fully released~ making them feel the emotions of these solar activities strongly.

Its more important to purify yourself~ detox your spirit~ let go of negative thoughts and emotions and keep your centre in balance with earth/Gaia.

 Hold your centre core attached to earth and heaven in balance while you move through this in-be-tween time~ until the new way if fully anchored and integrated with your field.

Yes! It can be very shaky~ rocky and distinctly confusing and very emotional as you are letting go of things that have been your safety harness for your life on earth so far.

Keep re-focusing on your light/dark crystal core self~ that you know is there~ deep in you awareness of your higher conscious self.

Keep a hold and focus on that @ this time~ it will be more settled by the 1st weeks in September~ by then these the old controls will be wisp’s that will float away transmuted with this light.

Once again we ask you to hang in there hold onto your deep knowing of this progressive state of change within~ keep holding and going into nature with your balanced breath

The things you are seeing for the first time or thoughts that are different can confuse or be scary~ let this fear go along with the old~ allow the new space in your life- write them down or record them or draw them~ then put them to one side until these fluctuation settle a bit.

You are embracing these new ways~ there’s on going back-

Be Light:  Be love: Be happy". X