How do you know when you are consciously aware of anything?

Feel it in your heart- shoulders- tummy- legs- arms and head.

How do you feel- happy/ sad/ confidence or not!

Angry about something!....  How important is it in your real life? Are you relaxed or tense?...... What is making you feel this way?

Can you decide what’s making you feel this- is it completely serving you or not!

Answer your own questions and see how consciously aware you are.

Life is given to us when we are born- it’s a gift- are you using it to serve or not?

Do not let another person upset you! - Smile through and connect to your inner, authentic self and walk away instead of engaging.

When you engage you are giving away your personal energy- when you walk away you conserve your energy for yourself.


Energy is free…. be in nature…. breath in and absorb the energy- that is constantly being given off by all nature- build your own energy from natures natural power light/ dark fields of energy.

 Every element on earth is energy being given freely to everyone and it becomes more powerful when consciously activated- as you walk out in nature feel the power of love in your heart for earth and connect to it for your support in all things.

The sun makes us warm…. water fills us with life….. food grows to sustain us…..  we are physical beings with the ability to harness all these in a balanced way from earth/Gaia.

Blessings: given with great love: x