Dear souls this period is just happening- you are on ascension alert @ all times- doing the balance, healing, sharing, holding, transforming, all of it all the time.

The personal life has gone AWOL- you can’t get a hold on any mental or emotions feelings coming in, but you do not re-act to it – you are feeling removed.

 The job is to stay removed from the main stream- even though there’s lots to share- you are looking- feeling- taking part in the general up grade of all life, humanity and collective consciousness as one- holding the safety blanket, establishing these 2020 wave-lets into/onto Gaia- solar system- galixy and universe.

 There’s nothing to do while this is going on- you are being IT in ways that are strong yet intangible.


Its as if you are not attached to 3rd/4th D earths SHACKLES- you are free from the given belief SHACKLES that hold fear.

You have come out of Plato’s cave- in dreams you see the shadow people passing you by as you leave the cave- you have dropped the SHACKLES- you hold the light- keep the balance- live life with no fears- following the hearts intuitions and higher consciousness- you have been spun out of the old into the new! And it does not hold you down- it allows you to fly as far as you want to go.


You still do not know HOW this is! You know YOU are in it- of it- doing it- feeling it- you cant explain how it is- you can say that its your core centre, main energy nodes, chakras, within has completely opened right up into their true authentic existence.

And there’s no going back now! You deal with it- accept it- embrace it-embody it in authentic truth.

In dreamtime you are ‘working’ @ night with the much higher beings.

You are all conduits for the anchoring of these waves/ fields/ streams into inner earth Agatha/ Gaia.

Blessing- given with great love: x