Dear souls, now is the time to let yourself “BE” in the transition of the new spiritual year, whenever there is a transition between anything in or on earth and the higher realms there has to be a period when- one is let go and the next one comes in- there needs to be a period of ‘time’ for re-adjustments so that these changes can happen seamlessly and not cause too much friction in the lives of the souls who are confronted with it.

We are in one of these now!

It is greatly affected everything- heightening the sensitivity of all peoples- the advice is to move with it wholly- do not try to do anything- keep riding the waves of life, as they are being given.

Sometimes it seems harsh, sad or angry, all these emotions are coming up to be looked at before they are let go so that we can progress in our evolution- remember we have chosen our path- all souls have taken on these as their own unique experiences.

Its not easy for those who hold the light either consciously or unconsciously for Gaia and humanities ascension-

Whenever these negative thoughts come in remember you are still holding the light- don’t let go of that thought, it’s all be design- try to understand that everything is in its correct space.

We understand how difficult it is- go into your inner calm, breath and connect to earth and nature, look at the beauty of earth and friends and loved ones these are all as real as the hurt and upset you can experience- it’s the polarity that is being hi-lighted @ this time to established the balance between light/ dark, negative/positive, male /female- this has to be done before the next period of the new year.

 Everyone is a light being and are in a state of transition- we give you encouragement, love and light to help you to be conscious of this and knowing that what you think is how you change things in life and it’s feeling your true being within that will always lift you if you let it.

Blessings,Love and light to you all: