Dear light workers, way showers and star seeds- we ask you to send unconditional, heart felt, authentic, love to Gaia, humanity and all life at this time.

During this period of time July and August the new year starts and day out of time the start of the new spiritual year and the Lion Gate, it’s a celebration of the end of a nine-year cycle- the closing of one and beginning of the next cycle that makes it special this year.

Use your own unique way of giving/ sending light.


JULY? 2019:


The process of transformation into the 17th diamond crystal rays accessing the crystal diamond corridor and understanding how to split the vein and watch as the emergence of next level of the balanced light/dark divine source of the one.

The higher beings say:

It’s called the karmic wheel of life- a channel of complete balance of the light/ dark- matter/energy- male /female the two opposites have successfully merged the densities.

[In this context karmic means fate or destiny.]

The 17th rays- diamond corridor is the outer shell’s of these fields that has been its support for many years.

 The outcome is this karma omnipresent within this new earth frequency that is wide open and functioning on Gaia and is done on the connected consciousness of all the light workers.

We were shown how to open /release the inner core by splitting it by pulling open stands of silk thread and not get it tangled.

As we did it we felt the energy of it separating in harmony - this led us to doing it within us and Gaia, except it was the outer layer’s that we parted and eased right open until they fell away leaving this inner stream that is dark in colour but not in the bright dark feeling it gives as a wonderful support.

The process of going through physical and spiritual ascension has brought everyone to this point- each cosmic alignment and sacred numbers gates portal activations have done this.

Everyone has taken part in this in his or her own unique way, as it should be.

The karma gateway is created and accessed though portals, nodes and gateways- each living soul has experienced these up grades in their own way of understanding- enabling   access to the karmic wheel of life in Gaia on her.

We bring blessings and divine love to all.