Dear souls, how are you all feeling? Over this period of the year- July- August 2019- the rapid movement of transforming energies that are flurrying from the 22 Galactic, Diamond, Crystal, array transitioning from the great central son-sun- sol is setting the elevated rays that come into all sources that Gaia hold within her-self and every souls consciousness.

It’s acclimatizing to the new template matrix of all life- large and small.

It’s a significant major consequential period of the year- on the ground there are levels of clearing the negative areas in/on earth and cosmos etc. and are having an effect on the polarity of humanity.

Its opened and actualised a positive slide of the collective conscious that prevails. Those who want ultimate control are tightening down their energy- the majority of souls across earth have become open to the very obvious separation is society’s plan.

This will not wipe out the suffering in one go- this still has to pan out in its own time frame and cannot be changed completely.

The over all feeling of life on Gaia is one of awe and calm as each soul goes about their life getting a deeper and deeper understanding of how precious their life is and extending this out to others, earth, solar system, galixy and universe- natures own- helping, nurturing and allowing their light to affect everything they touch.

The deep realisation of understanding- the way of this significant time and how the guidance of this last 2 trimesters are actually raising the conscious thoughts and actions.

This information has been given gradually opening up to reveal the inner love light of the authentic self through the heart focus held in the physical body of everything on earth.

This is assimilating into a life style change of mind- thought- emotions- and mental attitudes across the planet, life forces.

Everywhere on earth is experiencing this up surge of light vibration of the elevated Hz binaural sounds/ waves, fields, its to big for the society controllers to dismiss/ cover up- they are losing their power over the many.