ENERGY TSUNAMI: The Singing Bowls: These 2019 waves


Dear souls- we come with data, understanding and great unconditional love- to bring your density rhythm into these new light waves, there are many souls functioning on our galactic density and many, more just opening up to it consciously.

Fear still remains a stumbling block that is slowly disintegrating, as people realise who they are.

You are in an energy tsunami that keeps knocking Gaia and life out of balance.

The implication of this is you are in the midst of the super/ supra consciousness of the great central cosmic son/sun/ sol. It is the template- matrix of a structure of great phasing density of waves as the alignment of this new spiritual year transitions.

They are intense for the open-minded soul workers while it is clearing negativity from the physical body and opening up each soul to their more authentic state of being!

The heightened light waves are raising the energy of the physical body- it alters the body frequency and you are not sure about how it makes you feel.

Use the heart felt love to breath and bring back your balance and anchor into Gaia, these energetic changes are just another one of the things that need to be adjusted- for your comfort.

The breath is deep breathing and anchoring into earth- use the method you are most comfortable with, you will get used to it.

Think positive while doing your day and see how easy it becomes.

The core beam of the outer 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Arrays are being anchored and merge with Agatha’s central sun through the human’s ability as a receiver & transmitter of the galactic distant light.

Be in the now moment to feel the flow of attachment to the new earth core stream coming to Gaia from the outer reaches of our universe.

As soon as your chattering minds diverts you by some type of fear of- “What if” or “I must” recognise it as at diversion- then consciously change back to the moment flow- this creates a neural path in the brain that will remember- you are re-wiring your true being instead of the given belief systems.


The Singing Bowls:

We were inspired to get two singing bowls and bells- a big one for the solar plexus and a small one for the sound, and start to look at the resonance of sound using these instruments, the singing voice and the binaural sounds.

When we make the bowls sing there is two distinctive tones happening at the same time- the ring of the first strike and as it vibrates it causes a deeper undertone that seems to flow in a wavy sound, its this undertone that we tune into and feel the tonal resonation of the sound through our physical body- this is also in Gaia.

We played the bowls and were told by the beings that the matrix of the vibrations/ resonance/ sound/ reflection when playing the bowls is making sacred crystal geometric skeletons within humanity, Gaia and life, its streaming into the fields with a flow and ebb as the bowl vibrates on the surface sound and creates an inner deeper sound running with it flowing in a wave.

We can alter the frequency by different pressures on the bowls. In this way we can alter any part, as it’s needed. We imagine the bowls are Gaia and we heal with the sound feeling awareness.

These 2019 waves are strong they are bombarding Gaia, the density of the earths inner core is very reduced due to the work the light workers have done over the years and this will greatly reduce the intensity of earth quakes, volcanoes and movement of the tectonic plates so the life can be sustained.

The indication is- that while we do this on our-self it is being done everywhere! We are one!

The levels of this focus are on a fine-tuning into the inner soul! Of the ALL! With great respect! We balance and hold this feeling through our whole field.

We hold the galactic light field within our hearts/ nodes and chakras where we receive these rays.