We were given a message:

We are told to temper the writing- it will direct us to improve the hardness and elasticity of steel or other metals- improve the hardness of metal by heating and cooling it continually- act as a neutral counter balance for a force of something- take this metaphysically and 3rd D earth.

We did not quite understand this- but to temper is to make softer so we did the yin-yang symbol of balance on our-self and Gaia blending her energy to reduce the tension of this integration- connecting the balance through the ultra consciousness for this time.

Everything is correct- peoples and the planets energies are getting to hard and tight- it needs to be balanced- tempered as in forging metal to merge into he 17th rays.

We woke at 4.00 am and went into the garden and tempered the energy using inner yin yang symbols on our-self as the sun rose- at this time the chi is at it maximum just as the sun comes over the horizon.

We understood HOW! To do this without a full comprehension of what we were doing- it felt right!

The galactic souls come in and told us to start to use tempering techniques on all the physical life styles outer and inner space.

There is a pattern emerging with the diamond rays arriving- there is a period of time as you feel the power coming in - it knocks you off your feet in every way possible- and is an experience unique to each souls.

@ This point your 3rd/4th D mind, body, emotions and mental thoughts get into a hyper state- making you aware that more clearing is happening.

The tension of this is at an all time high this month.

We hear souls cry out- ‘we don’t want this’! - Some get angry other say ‘ lets get it done with and submit to it- in our own unique ways of understanding- absorbing- receiving and transmitting from their own light being.

The word tempering in this case- means the flows of light are coming in as they are! Strong- benign and needs the attention of the light workers to use their way of creating a balance in their life and that of Gaia.

 Balanced and temper this light for humanity and Gaia- through the light beings on earth and these are many now- so we can open up the next phase of light emissions to earth safely.

Yes, dear light workers, you are taking the brunt of this as your part in Gaia’s ascension- you are all completely ready to handle these ultra rays of light and will temper them so that they will become the new Gaia energy going into her chakras balancing on/in life and Gaia.

Everyone has his or her own ways of getting through these testing times: remember that you signed up for this and it will pass quickly- recognise it as it comes- and use your personal ways to initiate it into Gaia to be at ONE with the ALL”.

This is what that writing is about: it means tempering our feelings, thoughts, energies, emotions, our mental attitude, thinking and our activities- as if its an iron bar that cannot be transformed until the technique has been practiced over time.