Dear friends we bring greetings:

The explanation for our five-year plan: every ones blogs are helping humanity to evolve with different understandings.

Gaia has jumped into this new field of awareness, knowledge and understanding- we feel we need to tell all readers that these writings are of that deeper platform of this awareness- and as such has no trimming concerning the curtsy’s of old 3/4th Gaia- we give data that lays within the make up of all life.

This particular platform holds the energy of creation- even though you may think that there is no point to this stuff if you cannot understand it.

As these light fields come into contact with another- through the power of observation- thought- the heart felt flutter of love. Just by giving it your attention- no-matter how small or short lived- you have taken part in the creation of these new ways of being.

 Every new thing starts with a symbol, an omen, a thought or a person, place or thing- and it’s a simple thought of,

 “I wonder how that can be” and not understand it- and you might not give it any more thought until a nudge with another sign- symbol or thought comes up on the same theme even if is not very tangible- then it will grow- it has been made conscious in the collective life template- even if you never do anything about it—its there ready for the next person to take it up.

For those with this resonations- your interest is adding to this- your unique vibration is a part of the platform so that it became much stronger for others.

This is Gaia’s new template in this deeper acknowledgment of your inner truth.


Your neurones are absorbing the higher consciousness: it’s a density of light, knowledge, intellect and the diamond 17th rays- connected to everything; think of it as another light code message- it is imprinted into the fontal lobes of all people when sitting in the quiet space of the inner mind focus.

 This is from the lighter density consciousness where nothing can be shown unless its sacred geometry, maths, colour, sound and channelled words; it reaches into the depth of the mind that holds this information and is accessed through the fontal lobes when connected to the authentic self/soul /divine soul.

When in meditation these lobs light up according to how accomplished you are! On the ground every symbol is a message, an omen into this density of light.

Symbols- colour – words- numbers- thoughts and sound will tune into the exact frequency of a soul and connect to the resonation and imprint onto it.

Step by step- this is happening to all living things- building up the knowledge to jump into their next phase.

 Knowledge is power in all aspects- it leads to en-light-en- ment.

Dreaming, imagination and meditation, creates an imprint/ a pattern in the un-conscious section of the resonance field- then you manifest it through our human element consciously.

The diamond rays have triggered a response to the brain through the symbols of knowledge and intellect.

 Jung’s research lead him to say: “that the un-conscious mind holds all knowledge and we drag a piece up in dreams, mediation or imagination and bring it into our consciousness and then create it on earths reality”.


 Consciousness is a state in its own self- and related to the omnipresent across the universe!

 There is very little known about it although it’s the bases for all of everything on the planet and stays where it is.

The higher beings are not physical- they cannot create words or clear images that we can recognise- they only have geometry, math, symbols and hieroglyphics that we have not learnt to read- they keep it simple so the you can know that its something that we are not familiar with.

They give combinations of these- that interact as a holographic image with the consciousness of resonance to anyone who is look or reading.

You are receiving and transmitting this density resonance form the 17th ray flow magnified by the moons phrases - it has elevated our perception.


Dear friend’s, the information is coming from the galactic universal university: the collective of the ancient order of Melchizedek.

It is the next trimester of data that will lead into the September equinox portal of the 27th rays.

We would like to say thank you for all who are moving on this stream of light that is flowing into Gaia- and say that it is being given to everyone on their unique levels of understanding.

The guidance is- you have all been balancing the 17th ray portal for 3 months – the alchemy has raised the light energy field- there is a new perception of understanding with the 17th ray, and you still don’t know how – quandary!

Stay aware your body needs- by only putting in food and fluids that your intuition is giving you and blessing it with love attention.

Become consciously aware of what the unity of the body, mind and soul needs- its unity through your thoughts, actions and mind conscious connection to your higher being – that which does NOT serve you let go.

Understanding the clarity of how the consciousness is perceived within the body through these new chakra rays of light – be consciously aware of your need to keep a balance in our life in EVERY aspect.

You have reached a phase in your life path- where you can comprehend the manipulation of this gross 3/4th D world of control and let it be on the outside of your true authentic self while you function and run your life?

This attitude has released the tension in the physical body and it has dropped into a much more comfortable state.

Every soul who is conscious of their higher self and words and are acting upon their instinct is accessing these higher densities of vibrations and unconsciously bringing in the light- refractive elements to enable this new earth progress- in their own way.

When a person sees something that moves their heart to joy- they are observing the light language of the higher rays of light- every one!

If they were unaware of what it is- some will re-coil from it- because they have the given innate fear of the unknown and do not have the knowledge to know that- it’s a completely protective system to enable them to grow in their light- understanding- knowledge and progress.

Put simple- do not jump into the sea if you cant swim- only dip in and out until you are well versed in how to function in an ocean- in other word learn to swim in this new light until you can jump safely into it.

P. S. the pictures are a work in progress as they evolve into their geometric shapes added together to create the balance in Gaia.

Thank you for your time spent reading this.x