ACCEPT THESE GIFTS OF LIGHT as the second year in the galactic university of light-

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Talking about the corn circles- they are symbols of geometric light that has imprinted on life and planet’ from the multi Ds of the higher state of being’ showing a much! Bigger picture of how life is/can be- the omnipresence of this is creating the symbols for earth’s people to take, as they will! Truth or not!

These energetic shapes are emitting a signature- it is a higher frequency of photon light to brighten the spectrum automatically. 

Its about what we feel when we look at them- do they have an effect on our inner understanding- giving us a feeling of symbolic thoughts/ love/ interest or ridicule?

They have the ability to expand in all directions and are multi factual structures of infinite space.


Crop circles are light language symbols from the non-local phenomena- Super-Supra-ultra consciousness- it is the intellectual consciousness of the supreme divine light of the ALL.

We used one of them today to balance earth- the one with 3 circles with a central circle and yes! We are to draw them in exact measurements and diameters.


This corn circle is depicting cosmic movement:

We are trying to draw this symbol- it looks simple- as we try it becomes confusing and we walk away.

This symbol has triggered an adjustment in our eyes and brain- it has opened up another synaptic connection reacting to this symbol- and it’s HARD to get it right!

While we were doing it we wrote down this; this is connected to our diamond crystal stream inside; we FEEL if it was right as we were drawing it.

1st impression is the quarter moon shape; this is the phase of the moon today.

It’s the position of the separate parts that are relevant- it does not have to be exact there’s room for error- happily. It’s about the cosmic movement: there are 3 petals of the flower of life in the centre.

We put it on the wall and focus on it; it is the same as the metatron cube it changes patterns as our eyes fall on the separate parts.

We see the centre circle as Gaia with 6 bands and 9 triangles holding her; as we watch the other 3 circles move over her as if they are washing through her- always merging and then going back and this is called the cosmic movement.

It also tunes into one master with 3 aspects.

It represent the healing we did two days ago with the chi Kung balance movement facing south/ west / east but not north!

There have been new crop circle! Are they giving us messages and how can we read them?

Draw then on big paper with colour.

Thank you.x