We connected and were told this: the combined diamond rays is part of the omnipresence consciousness of the source- another degree of the same thing- taken as part of the levels light and colour spectrum that has structure.

In this new light, we can think of rays and colour as feelings- connecting to our inner feeling-self as a helpful support- a presence.


The diamond, crystal, coloured rays hold the sacred geometric shapes of the highest quality – they hold us while we hold Gaia- using our portal for receiving and transmitting and to hold them.


The difference in the word vibration is, it creates a geometric shape for the perception of those words- it’s the same source with different degrees - we are holding the grid that’s been created.


The diamond light holds a group mind- the diamond light consciousness is collective consciousness- we all affect each other’s to help us to get an understanding.


Light fields communicates with its self- through us and the planets conduits of light /portals- it is given to every level of living souls on earth- people, nature, animals, to assist and trigger these codes.

 The activation of this light is done on the non-physical body first then it becomes a potential on the earthly physical body.


IN DREAM TIME we are creating a whole new template for earth- it is merging with the old ones- they are blue in colour and glow white- the new one is getting stronger and will dissipate the old eventually.

In dreamtime we GO into the higher vibrations.

There are spirals coming from a central point that is a rotating spiral of light energy- along this there is every scenario- all options available to the frequency of a souls conscious awareness- we live in the consciousness.

I am your conscious body attached to the ultimate conscious of Christ’s divine source.

If we think of consciousness as an intelligent field of light plasma- that is NOT measurable yet- it is still co-existing within the universe, it is the resonance of the divine Christ consciousness @ all levels of the density waves?


When we move along our chosen spiral pathway to access these other fields, we are using conscious - awareness with cosmic - awareness as the thought- the breath and intention- linking us to the higher being- we move along our spiral of light path that has access to all the aspects of frequency/ density/ fields/ waves in dreamtime.


We were told that as humans we are restricted by the GIVEN belief’s- that is releasing: this is allowing the natural flow of light through anything that blocks our progress.

Just to acknowledge it in this way- changes the light patterns across Gaia- as these sheets of light become balanced.

We can move along this spiral of connect to our higher being using imagination, breath and intent.

It is not physical, mental or emotional! These three are the construct of human body that restrict people and every one is restricted by these restraints. Thank you: Given with great heart felt love.