Humanity can only feel the 17th ray a-coming into earth/ body/ mind and consciousness- its over and under laying the physical bodies- encompassing the globe- penetrating deep into Gaia/ Agatha’s central sun- where it anchors and the rebounds outwards- emanating beyond the solar system- galixy and universe.

It is streaming through every portal that’s been open and ‘activated’ permanently: every hyper tunnel both within the globe and on the outer universe- is balancing between left and right – male /female- light and dark- bringing unification to earth and peoples and all cosmos.


Everyone is receiving this- not everyone will be ABLE TO DEEPLY RESONATE WITH IT- Lots and lots of people know they are not feeling their normal self; but cannot put their finger on it- as to why- and what these changes are.


There are many light workers receiving and transmitting their light with conscious- awareness to TRANSFORM ALL LIFE- either consciously or un-consciously.

This evoked this line of the lords prayer- “THY WILL BE DONE” - saying it out loud- this prayer is sacred energy for ALL the different directives on Gaia- and using this connection- all souls are tapping into their authentic self -with the vibrations of the words- its attaching to the feelings within them- that moves the energy within with great great unconditional love.

This is OUR PERSONAL experience of this solstice wave streams engulfing all.

The advice is to feel the flutter of the butterfly wings within and connect to it in ANY WAY YOU FEEL DRAWN TO – there is NO RIGHT ORWRONG WAY- all ways are correct.

Every single soul has its own responses within- and all different aspects of the same thing- its this diversity that gives Gaia her uniqueness for this type of evolutionary adjustments- it’s the less dense wave fields the different inputs of the same resonance of light- it gives it strength- ever spiralling- dancing across the soul- mind –body and thoughts as a golden flapping of a grand butterfly of gold/ silver opalescent light- its an unperceivable shifting of the whole matrix- template of life- showing you and being absorbed by your unperceivable yet recognisable to your soul in this nature of being completely correct with great love.

It’s a celebration- the portals are open transmitting and receiving perfectly due to all you dear souls who virulently do this and anchoring and are consciously aware of this wonderful gift of light. What ever it brings into your life be it happy or sad- knows that it is a giant change personally and connect to your higher beings to fully understand you life path. Thank you. Xx

Be Love- Be Light- Be Happy. Xx