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Consciousness is intelligence and all prevailing- it’s a density of light knowledge- intellect and the diamond rays- where everything lives- all knowledge lives in the intelligent consciousness, which prevails throughout the universe for everything.  

The light rays are changing the perspective of everything- all that you see is different- its opened up part of the consciousness- which has only been accessible in dreams, imagination and meditation- this is now open and flowing out.

Consciousness has not been defined, it is still the “Hard Problem” there is no answer to it- but exploring the idea of your own consciousness- is the way forward to finding the right answer- looking at yourself and becoming aware of what you are doing- by exploring our own consciousness- you can ask questions and search for answers.

Understanding how the consciousness unfolds a ‘bit’ at a time’ teaching you what it means within – each time getting a bit closer to your authentic self at the inner level by keep looking and questioning yourselves- adapting things as and when they come up.

Knowledge is power- as you begin to understand- your fears will fall away quickly- the consciousness rises to the surface- it’s not possible to go straight through- it has to be a process of clearing and understanding.

This information is coming through the non-local phenomena and Super/Supra and Ultra consciousness from these fields of energy- to be shared.

By reading this everyone can glean from it their own perspective about what it means to them, every word is light energy- that has the power to open the minds of those who read it- with its given power - there will be a light bulb moment- and they will know what is changing.

Every one is exactly were they should be -we all have the ability to work magic from our innate natural being using the heartfelt love- it is not absurd, we are all the creators.

Given with great love x