We are @ the time period of June when we can look back and understand the culmination of the last twelve months- and decide what to let go of and what to keep.

 Old beliefs still control our perception as always! But as we anchor into our personal conscious awareness- we can feel our clarity- before the old belief systems swamp the new awareness of our life patterns- this experience is gradually showing us a different way of living in our balanced conscious thought.

This guidance say- that June is the time for balance and re-balance of all aspects of personal life- ready to make a firm stand/ footing for the July- August new years light and channelling- for the up-coming spiritual new year.

Use this trimester to re-cap and release our personal energies and Gaia’s and universal consciousness of the prevailing ALL.

The advice is to LET ALL THINGS SLOW DOWN!  It is possible to do this using this trimester period- releasing old ways and reflecting on our feelings- life style and actions in this new understanding of conscious anchoring.

It’s in it’s infancy- it has created tension along with the new 17th rays of light interacting with the old field frequencies- to gain a balance is goal for June - but nobody has to change unless they want to.

If the drive is so great or we have been thrown into physical chaos- this will be a good time to surrender to our decisions and accept them as our own- they are not always happy-happy realisations- they can be very disturbing- emotional mental and physically.

Things we hold from our ancestors and the ones that come into our life path- all play a part in this dancing, balancing, trimester of the end and beginning of the new spiritual year.

We have all received these light rays- it enhances our ability to question ourselves about how conscious we are and what it is: no-one on earth can give an answer to this “Hard Problem”.

During the September equinox the 22nd rays will be coming into Gaia for her upgrade and the December solstice will bring the 27th rays will be installed.

These rays are being anchored into earth through the ground crew- the awakened, enlightened, light workers the people on earth who are spiritually aware of these changes.

It is also done on the UN-CONSCIOUS layers of all life- including mankind- and will stay there until such time as a person might want to acknowledge it for them selves when they are ready.

The others are moving their perception into it consciously- it is a wonderful opportunity to sit back and enjoy the energy waves of positivity- as they anchor into life- in ways that please- thereby spreading and enhancing the balance of earth and mans physical body- inner and outer – it is positive and freeing- and all forgiving.

Using authentic thought and action- will be the transforming energy- to consciously balancing earth’s fields- engraving into these conscious fields that do prevail in the universe as a medium.

[Medium in this context is an original intervening omnipresent- a scalar boson spiral wave of magnitude that carries the transmissions- it’s a carrying wave!

We are given this ‘bit’ of data and have nothing to back it up except the discernment of the readers.]

 It gives the human mind a construct of HOW to perceive consciousness as a supporting guidance towards mans growth and understanding- THERE IS NO PROOF of this- its up to the reader to decide how they want to see and act towards it- given with great love from ourselves on earth as humans WE ARE ALL ONE at different degrees.