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Everything is leading towards understanding consciousness- to create a flowing construct of consciousness in the imagination- a model that can be used until the understanding of the bigger picture and is being affected by the higher frequency MHz on earth- it affects everything- including consciousness.

What is the super-conscious mind? It is omnipresent, one mind expressing through all. And each human mind is only an individualized centre of consciousness of this one mind. The term unconscious mind stands for your individual accumulation of knowledge through personal experience, conscious awareness of this one mind.

These are the key points of word re-phasing change.

 # Alertness into consciousness of mind:

 # Mind consciousness- understands our thoughts- consciously- towards collective reflective awareness- and consciousness:

 # Going into our authentic self: understanding consciously our inner layers that lead to our true self.

 # We start to see our potential.

 # Healing by Thought.

 # Focused concentration/ paying attention’s to compassion- lights up our frontal lobe.

  # Observation is a skill- we can train our mind to concentrate on one thing.

 # Conscious is the instrument- self aware- free will- individual. # Use consciousness and improve our concentration.

There is emerging out of all this- some kind of plan- everyone is being brought to a point where they are questioning their normal 3/4rd D life on earth.

“The Kybalon” philosophy book The teaches that everything is connected - runs in scales from light to dark - the polarities of light and dark are the same in nature but different in DEGREES.

These degrees run into each other, as a flow- there is no exact point where the light changes into dark- or good becomes evil.

It must be to same for consciousness, reflective awareness.

The higher frequency on earth has changed the degree that we are vibrating on- giving us a different outlook- opening us up to our inner consciousness- because that too’ must be in the way of a scale.

It does not explain the subject but it gives us a better understanding of how and why we are feeling different needs.