Dear souls, the summer solstice portal is open:

The alignment of the star systems and galaxies are open and already radiating the 17th ray of frequency of light in/onto earth.

The mergence of the male/red and female/ white 10-12th rays have re-organised- affected the thoughts- mind- emotions- of all people.

With this re-balance’ you might find that things that’s seemed stuck’ a few week ago- are now freed in you minds perception.

There could be old angsts- that seemed to have been within your basic beliefs system- that you had accepted- as unable to change up to now! These cosmic influences have adjusted- to increase the elevation of light frequency across the board.

To emable you to recognise and release these- to clear for the future.

Each person have received this is their own right @ every level of awareness and consciousness to enhanced the ability- to expand with all aspects of life.

As this filters through there is a noticeable shift in the polarity of people’s opinions, as always- there only needs to be a change if you want to.

The free will policy holds well’ all people have the choice.

There is a noticeable separation between the energies- some people are hankered well into their chosen life style and will stay there.

Others are feeling this shift and choose to go with it- absorb it- even with the foibles it throws up on our- emotional, mental, mind and thought flashes of understanding.

These shifts have occurred through the increased fluctuation of the electro- magnetic fields.

It is on-going- as these adjustments happen- the re-balance of energy fields on earth are up-lifting the frequency- in the human body, mind, emotion, thoughts, to bring in a new balance of reflective understanding of the conscious within- everything and everyone has received this on all light levels.

The July and August cosmic alignments are set to anchor the 17 cosmic rays into everything.

The September equinox alignments open for the 22 cosmic ray chakras to come into earth.

December solstice is the 27 rays chakras getting ready for January 2020 bring in a new day.

They are coming in sets of 5 jumps- we research the number 5, and found that in the theory of music 5 harmonic resonances is the perfect harmony between 5 notes on the scale- 1234 leading to 5th the perfect harmonic resonance. After that a new sequence starts again. [See theoretic music]

 Thank you we give this with heart felt love- be blessed x.