All people on earth are one with their higher understanding- this is the different frequency levels- within the fields that make up the human body.

It is intelligent consciousness- soul- spirit- super-consciousness-supra-consciousness.

It is accessible and is pro-active with you directly- to pass on information- the confusion is - everyone has different levels of learning- teaching and sharing.

Talk and listern to your higher self to connect to where you want to create a positive action – your thought’s is your command- to create as you become connected to your higher self

12th ray has integrated into earth through the heightened Schumann Resonance and is layering it with the positive light – the ways you think will create and become balanced with this light?

Find your way by going into your heart and the intellectual consciousness of your higher self that holds your truth – term it what you feel comfortable with.

Nature and Earth is the one continuous solid ground for your truth- higher being and physical body to rely on, it will always be your support in all things- food- heat- shelter from the storm and companionship between people.

When all is spinning around you and you don’t know which way to turn – go into nature and SIT AND BREATH and feel your higher self connection to life on earth/ nature, trees, plants, sea, sand, wind and rain.

You can rely on all these to ‘be’ exactly what they are – simply life- each part is its own truth - some of it can be transformed like water into ice - over time- trees to coal/ diamonds- still its reliable it does not change its natural system.

Walk on earth no matter where you are- as you walk, breath down into earth and feel the energy - become conscious of these innate fields of energy- with the understanding that it is a connection to the source of all life-  as you are.

 Tuning into this part of you while walking will bring about a balance- you can create your own outcomes in life- becoming free from the shackles in life that holds us in a given belief systems.

See through this and understand the part that feels the injustice – the part that wants to know the truth.

Understand that a thin bright light flows right through you as a light of understanding and the feelings of the heart felt love.

Feel it – expand it – express it while you walk on earth and learn how to find your peace- we are all attached to earths energy fields, learn to connect to it from the true feeling of your heart.

In these higher fields there is no reason for fear of anything – there is only transformation and life – No actual death!

Energy does not die - it transforms – the physical body has a time span and will break down- because of the toxins we put into it- your body is regenerative and can go on for much longer than the 70 years.

In the higher fields these is no need to absorb toxins – therefor there is no need to fear this thing called death it does not exist outside of the 3rd D earth - time does not exist beyond the 3rd D earth and holding these fears is what keeps the ones in control-  in power.

Going into your heart while walking in nature- shows you that these controls can be looked at with NO fear- only awareness of what is occurring - it can’t be stopped!  But you can dethatch from it and you will find the feeling of freedom.

Be blessed x