Something is emerging from the super-conscious: if we do not move out - of our regular routine in our life style - we can’t evolve into a new way.

The science is – As we do regular action every day – week – year - we create an energy pattern/ a wave that becomes very strong until we THINK we cannot live without it, its an addiction and its creates hard wiring in our brain.

We the human has an addictive nature so that we can’ survive- it’s an addiction to the food we eat – water we drink and air to breath - we need it to live - it’s a natural phenomena of life.

Our routine holds us in a constructive manner that feels like something we want to live by our routine - it keeps things in place so that our brain can cope.

That’s what we have been given - as a guideline to fulfil an acceptable life style; there is NO NEED to change if you don’t want to!

Your super-consciousness might urge you to change - to consider making a conscious alteration to one of your set routines - as an experiment to see how it feels and to open your perception up to a more forward way of thinking.

Do one thing different every day - this will change your set routine - in a way that will open a space - where you can have a new experience.

Try it for 3 days and be conscious about how you feel -it changes in the super-conscious of yourself and this is progress into your new way.

The human nature has been so set in this way for so long that it feels almost impossible to change.

It’s an old belief system that has been given forever! It is out of time now!

Everyone can try this: it goes towards changing the world view of the collective consciousness of humanity –

It takes a few courageous people to step out of this box of routine. It will change the patterns of the waves sending a ripple effect right through humanity consciousness intellect with love.

It’s a free will choice we do not have to change – it’s an option.

This is a guide to all people to start their journey of a 1,000-mile walk that starts with one step! And humanity is starting a long journey. Thanks X