The spirals of negative energy are still controlling a lot of people. It’s being fed by negative information based on fear of! What!

Loss of possession’s, life, money, loved ones – it’s the way we have been given by those who want control.

This has changed now and all peoples are able to set themselves apart from this – once they realise that there is no death in life only transformation in the wider picture of life on earth.

Everything is an on-going process – everyone has his or her part to play – coping with this in everyday life is most difficult for the entity in the form of a human,

Finding your truth from within – not on the outside – trust your intuition and the feelings that go with it – if something happens and we wonder “how am I going to deal with this” it sends us into fear or loss with all the emotions that come with this.

How hard is it to get through this field of negativity and be able to ‘see’ it in its balanced outcome!

This is what a human is up against, the advice is consciously let these emotions be and then release then - breath into your fear – feel it- acknowledge that its unfounded and release it.

Do this by going into your hearts love - its not an easy task but now the energy of new Gaia is here - use her body and power to help - find time to walk on her to help you to release these unfounded fears – change the thought into- we can arrange to cope with this and feel the release of that fear.

Over time and practice you remember to use these methods to allow your old feeling system to fall away and adopt the new nova Gaia frequency – everything can be done without fear.

Gradually you will get to the point when you receive a  big bill and think, ok I can deal with this with no worries and your heart feels free.

Time goes on and you practice until one day you realise that you have changed your beliefs and are seeing the freedom that is yours by right – Gaia’s giving this off for her children – the divine entities of her and the galactic council of light are all prevailing so that all people has the opportunity to engage into the new frequency – new light fields.

You’re thought is your command - consciousness is the way into your new fields of light! Couple conscious thought and find your true being within. Be Blessed.