If beliefs of the mind are constructed,

Equally they can be De-constructed.



What is Happening Here, Day to Day- Moment by Moment? By Verna Neville:

All fears are up for grabs, seeing, feeling, watching, re-acting and Pro-Acting, we have asked for this- as Energy- Being Human. To clear out the past traumas encountered over lifetimes, individually and collectively.

The DNA memories are real and correct as everything is now.

The release and healing of fear- comes through remembering more and more of who and what we are, Eternal Energy, expressed and available in many forms- known as Diversity of Creation.

Surrendering the fight of resistance and accepting of our truth, of the above is represented through all traumatic experiences.

Through our surrender we find release from all fears- caused by resistance and move into peace of mind, body, emotions and spirituality.


Allowing every aspect of our Being as a huge and open-ended endeavour, which requires courage and self-honesty beyond what we have been taught. The Unknown Perspective is everything!

It feels uncomfortable walking towards the unknown and walking away from the known, as you have no idea where it will take you. Therefore you cannot be prepared- and must deal with each step, in each moment.  To do this, WE TRUST our place and role on/of Earth/Gaia and the wider cosmos.

Our breath is our direct link to specific processes of Earth/Gaia.

Our bodies are designed to breath and function with awareness and unawareness-consciously/ unconsciously/sympathetic/parasympathetic.

We can choose to be aware and think about the state of our breath- or leave it to the auto-pilot -and be ignorant (lack of information) and unaware of what our breath is saying- about us at each now moment (e.g. ‘Am I relaxed or Am I tense’?).


Our connection to everything is very clear through our breath- and there are many levels/phases/transitions/potentials as a result- of our own unique-

ness- and our willingness to choose to increase our own awareness- and help others if they wish to do so and/or respect those who choose to not.

Through seeing the bigger picture within and without of ourselves- we can understand our role and truth- at any moment- as we are designed to evolving with/for Earth/Gaia through our shared breath.

Love All Namaste: