I/we have been using a different approach on creating our needs.

We have been given the belief that when we prey we ask for what we want,

“Divine god can you give me healing?”

“Can you hep those who suffer?”

This is a 3rd D belief that have we run our life are on.

If we are ALL connected as fields of light that overlap into interference patterns and we are ALL equal and there is NO Deity! Who! Are we asking? Ourselves or someone else!

We live in a world that has separated everything! Giving us the belief that we are in some way NOT qualified to help ourselves’

This is the way those who want power over others, control us, by telling us that we are NOT a qualified teacher or religious instruction and we can only get our needs fulfilled IF we ask, beg or pay for it.

In the truth of the multi Ds higher self we are the teacher- healer- and high being, living in a physical body and world of control.

We are our own divine self within our whole being- we are the light of the divine creators plan of our united fields of light.

To heal ourselves we move our thoughts to the inner under-lying segment of our energy field and direct our D N A to activate its job and rebalance, and clear the dis comfort of our enflamed achy bones.

We did it by the breath.

We are our own boss and not a subservient to any one; we work with our truth and true being.

IF everything is an energetic entity then we can direct all things by giving out our love to the entity we are wanting something from and speak to it as if its alive: [which it is in some way]; we can direct it.

Connect to its field and direct it to do its job, these entities is waiting for instruction.

It’s a totally different way of being respectful to everything and directing them with connected heart felt love, to fulfil their function, our D N A wants to release and heal any blockages in our body– rain wants to make things grow- sun to give us light and warmth- earth to grow our food in and trees to clear the air,

Connect to the pen and hand we write with for information from the higher beings that is residing in the 5th vibrations of light.

I/we are talking to our food, telling it with love to nourish us with its natural values.

This is our perspective on these things.