The portals of light are on the outside, surface, and inner earth of Gaia, they are conscious and are also connected to the cosmos.

The portals created are shimmering cover sheet within Gaia they are multi Ds and of the galactic family, remember to use our toolbox as we feel 3rd D lowering our frequency.

Everything we do creates a line: that line is the ratio of an energy field that is making a statement.

In geometric shapes every line and connection is a language, it is telling our physical body something and when we draw or write we are creating a message, an entity. It is an energetic entity with intelligence and consciousness.

We have an inmate ability to create new patterns with this field.

It is the energy of the intelligent geometric shapes that are encoded in the human body created by the brain energy; we all hold these geometric shapes in the body.

They tells us to pick up a pencil and drew a line, when we connect it to another one we get a sacred shape that is an entity of knowledge and can talk to us and give us information.

Consciousness and geometric shapes is another step in bringing humanity and life into conscious awareness.

The word LOVE is a sacred geometric scribe by the geometric entities of the divine.