This is a call for a collaboration on the new Gaia ancient information, that’s coming from everyone’s channels from the higher D Galactic council on the new energies of Gaia: a collaboration of the information that’s being given.

The aim of Galactic council is to gather these souls via the Internet to begin to guide them into the way of connecting alchemy, a new form of thought - to work in collaboration with each other.

So that people who are receiving channelled data from these frequency sources about the new Gaia ancient codes, can add their own perspective on any given information with an open heart to share; there-by expanding the information for a better understanding of these- sometimes difficult – new age ideas.

It’s people coming together as a loose group: all getting data from their unique perspective about their individual concept of what’s being said.

If there are any questions about the way the new Gaia and ancient data is coming from the ancient souls on how we can move forwards, this will be a way of coming together in harmony to expand on this.

 There is a call for a COLLABARATION between us all, to expand our knowledge on the 3rd earth for the new Gaia future.

Annie Felix and myself have been inspired to work together in this way to share information, I/we wrote a piece about meditation and asked Annie to post and add or arrange it to suit her it for me because my computer went down, she added extra channelling from the Kryon that was completely relevant to what was being said and it worked well.

This was when my/our inspiration said, that there needs to be a collaboration between the souls who are getting these cutting edge idea’s and ask others to channel their higher guides to add to the given words; in their own way, therefore expanding the information to incorporate more understanding for everyone and giving back up for all channellings: a Collaborating on the same subject between us all, to expand our knowledge on the 3rd earth for the new Gaia future.

I/we have incorporated it in the last blog on www.barbara-neville with my daughter Verna Hawes.


Thank you for your time and reading this. Given with great love. XXXX