The Alchemists says take a break!  

There is a lot of disruption on Gaia and her people during this period of time, which means no one is in their frequency field of focused intelligent consciousness.

People, entities and beings including the unseen and innate fields of life are not anchored to their old beliefs systems, these old waves have disintegrated in the light of the suns highly evolved emissions, it is slowly releasing the controlling hold of the old earth way.

People are feeling this is many ways, one minuet they are balanced and in wonder of Gaia beauty, the next they are plummeted into the depth of the old way and are having trouble understanding how to deal with these two opposites.


This is a time to just ‘be’, do not try to understand or put a human interpretation on it or even change it, just let it be. As soon as you feel the energy drop into the lower frequency- allows it to be- for as little time as possible- before you take action to re-balance it. It can be as easy as one breath or as difficult as climbing a mountain.

Whatever way you feel it; is your personal perspective on how to deal with it.

People are dealing with it is in the whole spectrum of the emotional fields that humans race can / is functioning, these fluctuation have become a lot stronger than ever before, it’s coming to a tipping point of human emotional awareness of every individuals understanding.

It is bringing about a deeper cavity between these two fields 3rd and 5th + of Gaia.

As we have said before you have your knowledge your toolbox to help you to adjust.