Is the 5G going to be controlling our brain; that is a fearful thought- I/we spoke to the Higher Beings of the Galactic Universal Controller Masters, and they say;

What the electronic scientists, quantum physicists, don’t know is! That what they are actually doing is releasing a frequency of light waves onto the brain and body that will be affecting everybody.

Those people standing at the back of the theatre: all those people who have been working so vigilantly hard to bring themselves up into the higher Dimensions and checking themselves on judgement and fear, and learning how to Love themselves, Gaia and others.

The 5G is just going to push them immediately into their next level of creativity that is their own interpretation of the 5th Dimensional Gaia, which is where we are all going.

Everything on 3D Gaia is an illusion, it’s a holographic matrix illusionary world, we create our illusion around us and we can change it.

The people in charge of 5G, do not realise they are actually helping to bring people into ascended state of being. It’s by design.

The negative energy is NOT expansive and as the 5G hits, people will become confused, it will create negative action, it’s going to jar everyone up into the higher levels.

We are writing and giving information as a way forward while this happens to keep people informed so they can use their tools……… immediately.

We keep on same track, we do not divert from it, we keep doing what we’re doing, keep sharing it, keep listing it and keep it very clear, concise and as simple as possible.

Thank you very much. x


I/we got more information on 5G:  

It’s a bit negative, we asked our higher being and again they still say the same thing about it.

There is a lot of up to date information about it and it all points to the problem of waves, these 5G ones are ‘short’ waves, I/we do not know enough about this subject to know if the data being give can even work out.

The higher beings who are inspiring us, is still saying that it’s a good thing for ascension, we are going to stay open minded on it all everything is a potential possibility until its created.


Dear souls do nothing! At this time, let it all go.

We are the federation of light coming to your perception@ this time, we advise you to stand back from all interactions.

The reason is because! The 5 G adjustments- these short waves are re-vibrating within all physical things innate and alive.

It is not big problem as long as you know that its happening and DO NOT try to block it! EXPAND IT.

As was said in the recording there is not a problem with this 5G.

There have been great adjustments to the human D N A over these last period of time: now its time to let these settle into their new positions in the body.

Let the new waves fill your body and everything else with no resistance and great love- this means when you feel the dis- comfort of energetic, emotional, physical tension, re-assess it and decide if its imperative to do it NOW! In that moment even thought you are upset by it.

If its not! Shelve it until later, take a break and sit for 5 minuets then go back to the problem.