Galactic University of light:

The energy has changed again and needs adjusting:

The softness of the equinox is filtering down to its trickle of light until it is in contact with the trickle of light opening up to the next cosmic portal the `Solstice’.

It is the mid-way point of the two waves merging, the ‘Spring Equinox’ and the ‘Summer Solstice’.

This is where creation can begin- the mid-way point is open for the creation of the new way to be enhanced by intelligent conscious awareness-


Another call on the intellectual consciousness of the human souls:

Gaia is in a mid-way adjustment of her seasonal control clocks, the Solstices and Equinoxes: to enhance this change to be positive, we are asking the ground crew, way showers and light workers for your help and vigilance to do this anchoring where ever you live creating lots of light streams across Gaia.  

Spend your quiet period of meditation time consciously interacting with these fields of light, to bring in this years re- adjustment to peace, harmony and calm into a world of dis-harmony, separation and negative control.

It might seem that this action is not having any effects on the 3rd D surface earth dramas- these will still continue.


The place of this type of healing is being directed at the base line of Gaia for ultimate strength.

To make a strong building there has to be a strong, steady base for it to be built on.

This mid-way meditation is to create a strong base.


Personal Experience:

We sat and tuned into this lovely field, seeing in our minds eye the strands of shimmering gold and silver light streams coming together and entwining as D N A strands of cosmic energy, creating a perfect geometric shape of how the D N A works and expanding it into a harmonious continuous streams of light waves.

I/we are focussing into our personal pentagon portal it is connected to Gaia’s heart chakras as one.

Do it with conscious, intention, anchoring it into inner earth, Agatha, to hold this new-way platform from this point- others will do this in their areas and personal sacred places of quiet on Gaia, creating a base grid across her new holographic matrix.

Thank you dear souls for reading this; we are asking for your help and vigilance to do this anchoring where-ever you live creating lots of light streams across Gaia, its paramount to Gaia, man and cosmic ascension into her new way. Given with love xx.



Every thing is in a massive re-construction of light matrix; everyone has his or her own level of adjustment depending on his or her life path of chosen experience.

All souls and entities are going through this everything is connected and made up of sacred geometry with entities and consciousness all of us and mainly Gaia,

We strongly advise every soul reading this to give yourself the time to ’be’ in this and do not resist it- submit to the way you are feeling because you are sensitive light workers for Gaia’s ascension.

Succumb to these feeling of energy waves as they wash over your soul, it will not be a long process- these entities are moving in flows of undulating waves and as quick as they come- they will pass.

This is so the stream can do its job! That is the constant flowing and mixing that is the way of alchemy for the creation of this lovey up-grading of all sacred geometric entities.

Your emotions will fluctuate from positive to negative, let it happen, give it your intelligent conscious awareness and accept that this IS the movement forwards into the 5th + D of this new way of living it will ease.

There is always a break time- a time when it will not be so strong and these times are the in-between times of the Gaia cosmic clock.

This is the four quarters of an earth year, Winter Solstice # Spring Equinox # Summer Solstice # and the Autumn Equinox#

Then in the middle of these changes there are the in-between weeks of the alchemy period of mixing together these energy flows, to create the next one in a balanced- harmonious way of positive flow.

At these times the intellectual consciousness awareness of mankind CAN create the positive energy instead of perpetuating the old negative patterns of control, separation and negative vibrations by focusing love onto the into Gaia, Agatha, tuning into the 10th-12th Adam Kadmon sacred Dragon light.

Thank you x