An idea is forming. 

On 3rd earth, we know that Gaia and all the things living on her are entities with consciousness and as a conscious soul of the galactic universe we can connect to them by giving love and receiving it.

Then we have the unseen things, are they entities, silence, water, wind, and geometric shapes?

Are they entities as well as fields of light with consciousness and intellect all at different levels?

The sun, planets, stars, spiral, Galaxy’s are they all entities that we can communicate with.

How about the roads, cars and objects! They have a level frequency of light: are they entities.

Are gravity, electricity, magnetism, air and pollution also entities?

Fear, jealousy, hate, loneliness, imagination, dreams and control: are these defined as a field or entities at a level of existence on Gaia

We know machinery, computers re-act to positive and negative thought and actions toward them, cars, washing machines, lights, etc.

Am I creating a field with the entity of this writing and when it’s read does the vibration go to reader!

Are they all entities with consciousness on all levels of the frequency?

Is this a layer of understanding and ancient knowing?

If all souls were aware of this: we can change the world.

We ask the higher being for clarity:

Ashtar and Melchizedek: we come to be with you:

Think about the fields of earth- the connection to them as a field! Instead of a physical objects,

The innate things you create are entities of geometric fields.

Planets, stars, all things in the universe are entities- it is all open to the human expanded self’s.

Use this alchemical knowledge for the positive support, balance and activation on all levels on Gaia and the universe.

As this sacred year 2019 comes to its end the influence will be ours as one, on earth, in physical form, the creators light can be shared with the others on earth of the collective soul group and be acknowledged openly as a group/field of light.

This will be in the way of frequency coherence you will communicate with each other in this way.

You will share on all levels of light- our messages.



Everything is an entity; every thing is a frequency of light vibration, because there is no separation in the bigger picture.

It is not possible to put our energy through an object like a book or Ipad because of its density of frequency, we can pick it up as a whole 3rd D object, we can create these things using different elements, separate energies put together like the 3 separate light codes making the Trinitizesed.

The 3rd D holographic matrix! How does that work! They! Say earth’s frequency was dropped/ lowered down from the 5th D to the 3rd D how does that! Happen?

In science an electron will jump from one orbit into another as the speed of it changes. If get quicker it jumps into a higher frequency and if slower it drops into a lower frequency

The spin of Gaia became slower and jumped into a lower one 3rd from 5th Ds; now she is quickening and will jump up to the 5th D again.

Light frequencies are infinite and earth is one planet in this universe, the conscious intellect of the upper levels of light, slowed earth’s vibration to create a world of separation, polarity and denseness of vibration to be able to create objects with controlled membranes which made then separate.

The light beings wanted to experience this as part of the over-all knowledge to be added to the creator’s plan of infinity.

The entities of each human took this opportunity to experience 1st hand emotion and mental exploration, to see how it affected them in this environment; how far deprivation can go, how far can it be pulled back by the unity of the divine entity within the human bio-suit.

It’s not an experiment! It’s an exploration of extremes to expand the knowledge of the consciousness of the one! To add to its database.

Although this was set up to cause tension, anxiety and pain it also has intuition, dreams, love in abundance, beauty of the planet and an innate drive in the human physiology to push as far into these as they can.

The innate energy of the soul/entities that the bio-suit houses is the stronger and as the negative side of humans is explored enough the negative emotion will swing back to the middle and balance will take over.

As this swing grows ever stronger the human will let their divine self take over and Gaia will change back into her 5th D- none physical self this is the bigger picture.

Blessings: Xx