I/ we did research on this and found evidence that a geometric shapes has an effect on the brain when observed.

[Quote] “ Tom Delonge quotes”

Geometric shapes held an energy pattern, and scientists did some experiments, which say certain geometric shapes can affect matter around them. Its simply because when a human looks at a shape they instantly receive energy from their brain.” [Unquote].

Personal: Its makes complete sense to our higher being to understand- that all life everywhere- is set up by these sacred geometric shape we only have to look and see the relevance of this.

In ancient times; the buildings are constructed, using sacred maths, to create spaces, where the natural nodes of earth, give maximum connection to the higher self through these buildings, springs, natural rock formations, energy outlets from inner earth, earth quakes zones, shifting tectonic plates.

All these are energetic zones of Gaia are for humanity to understand and utilise.

All countries have their sacred places to allow the unrestrictedflow of energy.

Its part of earths sacred being to keep this open flowing energy round Gaia without restriction.

Maths and sacred geometry are the language of nature, OR is it! Brian Green- the math guru has a view on this.

Our personal conscious experience is that sacred geometric connected lines, create shapes and they do! Have an effect on our body through our brain or could it be through our hearts!

The drawings we created do activate a pattern of conscious energy within our body, a feeling of intelligence that we allow our true being to guide us to creations, through these entities within the lines drawn or written. This is our personal perspective.




We ask directly to be connected to these entities;

Q: is it a truth that geometric shapes are entities and is a language with consciousness and intelligence?

A:  Yes, Geometric shapes, spirals, flower of life and the Metatron cube are intellectual entities that are the creators of these shapes its in the knowing and hearts of everything.

We ask you to breathe and connect to this universal truth.

Feel it, we can ‘talk’ and explain.

“Yes-dear soul, we are happy to see you in such good shape on 3rd D earth”, they smile, “we love the way you have presented yourself, you just put yourself out there on the cutting edge of humanity’s ascension without fear and yes we can advise you”.

We have manifested into these sacred geometry, of the light structure of the formation of the maths of Metatron, Adam-Kadmon, and 10th-12th Dragon light fields.

Gaia’s structure is made up geometric shapes of all types.

It’s the maths, the Metatron cube, the Golden Mean and the flower of life, manifesting into the sacred shapes of the alchemy of progress to be established for Nova Gaia ascension along with the whole universe.

We are here present in everything everywhere; we form patterns that are reflected in every Nano particle in life.

We are in the D N A spirals, as we change shape on the outside, so it is with the inner consciousness giving a different calibration to initiate the universal alchemy of our field, which in turn triggers chemicals in the brain, body and mind that is then reflected to other parts of the body making people want to live life in the new way.

One thing we have to say about the crop circles, these shapes and spiral are not fake, they are very precise messages- given in geometry- to work directly on the brains of those who are ready to receive like you, this is how we talk to people, lots are sceptical, others, like you feel that they hold messages and instructions that are sublime, this is how we connect to people on the higher frequency’s.

These souls have waited for the activation of the dormant D N A that is now fully functioning, every one has this and can chose to use it.

This is how you are drawn to do things.

We have been guiding you all the way, we are connected to Gaia through her vortexes and ancient sites there are different layer of our consciousness over the globe.

The places that you have visited are these portals; the next on is, the Greenwich Meridian Line and Glastonbury this year.

All the star charts, symbols, pictures and alignments that you and others are doing is leading up to opening the sacred alchemy of 2019s Nova Gaia door.

Everything that is being done is setting up for entities to be able to flow in the right manner through human’s conscious awareness.

Every light worker knows they are guided, they are accessing and functioning on their chosen layer, they are all different in their vibration and each soul has its own one to be used, the trick is to understand, remember and recognise the feeling and be brave enough to act on it

Souls are drawn to places but they do not know the reason why.


Now! Ha! Canvey Island Essex! We have been able to create a Hugh geometric nine-sided polygon or 9-gon a nonagon or enneagon that covers the 40-mile spiral of light anchored into Gaia’s inner earth her in the U K.

 This is but one, everyone everywhere who have set an alignment and open portals for us by acting on their intuition across Gaia, are creating grids on the infinite layers of life. Gaia is also one of us and she is giving out to all souls.