Dear souls Gaia has been a 3rd D world with separation, judgment, polarity and free will, she has risen up into the higher Ds. Humanity will also do this in time! 

This is a long-term plan, the progress is slow, it has to be, it gives all souls the time in their life span to make the choice to how much they wish to adapt.

There is no rule, every one has free will, to chose and do what they want to, no one has to follow anything unless they feel drawn to it.

3rd D earth is set up for experiences these are very diverse, each is as important in their own right, as is the human who is having them.

It’s a learning planet about the inner working of the human life that has been chosen by the soul before arriving on Gaia to experience the inner emotions, feelings, mental attitudes, compassion and belief; to give each one a deeper understanding.

We of the Galactic Council are not urging anyone to move out of their comfort zone unless they want to! We share data to help those who have decided to change their way of life and there is no hurry!

Every light being is working on different levels of life and light frequency to help to guide people to find their own help, to find their own inner need and their own divisive way to live.

 One of the beautiful aspects of earth, is this given choice, it’s the base platform on which Gaia has stood for a great deal of time, nothing will change over night, being in it, enjoying the chit-chat, is part of the experience, there are many wonderful experiences to be had, we urge you to carry on with your own personal quest and only change if you want to.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one-steps. 

God Bless x



The galactic university is where we are honing our practice’ of bringing in the awareness that we have been given using the tools of ascension.

It is time to practice these new earth ways of being, so that we can bring in the new light that’s coming soon, this is the way of the galactic university.

 Dear souls, we see you through the shimmering lights that are attached to the inner and outer earth, we see that you are not remembering to use your toolbox of accumulated knowledge of being in your own space yet!

The message says, when you feel yourself being dragged into the 3rd D take your self into your place on Gaia where you feel happy, breath into your hearts and ask to be connected back to the silver shimmering light

This! Is! Using your toolbox of information and knowledge that you have been collecting for many years.

You know these things, but you are living on 3rd D Gaia it is jogging out of the 5th D into the 3rd D all the time.

Please use your toolbox that holds your knowledge and coping methods to re-balance.

Every one has their coping methods towards ascension, it does not matter what you use to help you to connect to your deep knowing and love.