In the new way of Gaia! Recognise! That old opinions, thoughts and responses are out of mode; recognise! How it FEELS and have the courage to change them and open up to your innate freedom to decide that you do not want this any more.

Yes dears! We of the galactic guidance are preparing you for this year of continuing progress with the deep galactic entities of the creators plan as wave upon wave light fields upon light fields alights on Gaia.

Listen to your hearts, thoughts, emotions and Gaia’s vibration; connecting with the higher being within the silence in your space of contemplation; breath into your beautiful being.

These fields of light are absolutely acting on the D N A frequency of all life on Gaia, of course there is still free will so its entirely up to the individual to progress with it or not! Everything is correct!

These messages are to give the truth of the galactic light fields coming from the outer regions of space it’s the energy of the light field from the 10th-12th Dragon, Adam Kadmon frequency: this is the flows of the new way for Gaia and humanity.

Gaia! Is moving forward with gratitude and love for her re-instatement into her multi D awareness: she has chosen this.

Mankind is using free will to decide how far it; wants to go during this progress.

Humanity is a myriad of frequencies, it will take a long time in earth years for everyone to ascend; it is the bigger picture, the long-term plan. There is no need to hurry – take your time enjoy your life – do not judge others – everything is correct, there are NO mistakes, just people making their personal choice with there divine right of free will.

Blessings with love: