We ask you to sit and listen to the silence without diversions.

The importance of silence is: as you connect to it on the outside with your inner self, the whole body frequency will be aligned to the wonderment and truth of the cosmos, only in SILENCE can the cosmos talk to you and give you correct information to be shared.


The 3rd D human body does not have a lot of control in these higher fields of light! Do not resist them, you use your 3d brain, mind, body and beliefs to go through the day according to how you have been taught.

To go into the higher Ds you have to let that go!  Tuning into the vortexes of the silence is more than a meditation it’s an everyday way of being.


Breathing into your heart, being in the silence feeling the field of energy that’s all around you waiting for you to access and enjoy.

Everyone has built up a toolbox of knowledge, personal information and coping methods and systems of guidance to use and put into practice in the daily life so that the new way can become normal!


Take down the barriers towards this divine light incorporate it into your daily life.

We love you dearly and we wish to embark with you on the glory of the inner silence and peace of the ancient knowledge that you are ready to receive you are our ground crew’s, the descion is yours to make; you are anchoring this energy into Gaia.

It is a field of comfort and knowledge; take a moment, to feel it in your personal space both within and on the outside and keep it anchoring into Gaia through your self.


This new trinity of light is the advanced fields from the ancient ways, it’s another culmination of up graded fields/ waves of light on Gaia and the universe.

This has brought all humanity into the Galactic University of light to begin training for the future; it is everyone personal decision to take it up or NOT!

It is entirely a personal choice based on the frequency of light that each individual holds and what they want.

Earth is a free will world and everything is correct the measurement of frequency will dictate weather a soul wishes to move with this.

This university of light has been set up LIKE a school; it will be the ones who are ready for this, who will take up the options that are being offered to bring Gaia and the individual out of the 3rd D earth and move into their light body.

The guidance given is the new way forwards to be put into PRACTICE in real time in.

The Galactic University of light is for students to start to RESEARCH, PRACTICE USEING THEIR TOOL BOX TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THEM SELFS, to take their place in the advancement of Gaia this is for the students to research and progress into understanding the new light fields.

Go within and understand how our physical body is managed with its automatic systems of physiology coupled with the knowledge of external influences from the cosmos and finding ways to connect to this trinity of light that has just been introduced into the light field of new Gaia. Given with much love X