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Barbara Neville A3 Section 6 Other External Influences Personal no 0/01/028 date 14/11/10

 The biological clock, which is now called the circadian rhythm, is a pattern that fits into the 24 hour of the day and night. The overview of this clock shows how a person who gets up early responds to the time during the 24 hours. If we can understand and use this clock we could have better health work and sleep patterns.


The clock can be disrupted by air travel to another

Time zone on the planet. This is called jet lag.

There is also a circannual rhythm this is the yearly rhythm and indicates the times in the year when birds migrate and animals like squirrels and hedgehogs hibernate. In the fauna it controls the growth of plants to grow, flower and set seed. This is dependant on the position of the sun reflecting onto the earth.


The magnetic field and gravitation are both natural effects of our earth. As kids we learnt about them in a very simplistic way; like gravity is what makes the apple fall to earth and why we do not all float out into space. The magnet is similar we were shown how it attracts iron clippings and how they make a beautiful pattern according to the two poles.

All of the universe and everything in it is affected by magnetism and gravity and its all linked together there is no separation. There is a theory of a unified field that connects all things in the universe, us as humans and all life known and unknown. What this could mean is that I am connected to the moon, all the planets, the galaxy, and all other bodies and energies in the universe. In my own right I know I am connected to other people, animals and plants. The connections are there through the aura, magnetism, electro magnetic, energy and gravity and perhaps consciousness, spirit and the soul


The first accounts of the biological clock cycles were in the 4th century by a ships captain observing the movement of the leaf of a tree during a 24-hour period. In 1918 it was understood that animals are capable of maintaining a 24-hour activity pattern even when there was no external prompting. [1 ]

Franz Holberg first used the term circadian in the 1950s instead of biological clock. The circadian rhythms are thought to have originated in the earliest cells to protect the replication of DNA from high ultra violet rays during the daytime. Because of this, replication was relegated to the dark. There is a fungus that exists today that has retained this clock-regulated mechanism.

Circadian rhythms do not have to be daily but can last as long as a year such as circannual rhythms


Sleep is one of the main functions of circadian rhythm but there are other examples that include, body temperature, blood pressure, production of hormones and digestive secretions. These rhythms do not only take place in humans but are present in a lot of other organisms. There is a combination of environmental and internal factors that control the rhythm. The most common environmental factors are temperature and light.


The internal one is known as a circadian pacemaker

or a biological clock. This "clock" is the section

of the brain that is called the suprachiasmatic

nucleus (SCN). This is a pair of structures that

contain about 20, 000 neurons and is located in the

hypothalamus above where the optic nerves cross.

This explains its reaction to light. Signals from light are received by the SCN taken in by the retina.


The human sleep cycle is the best-known circadian rhythm. Sleep is controlled by neurotransmitters, this act on neurons in the brainstem and spinal cord; the signals are produced by the SCN and travel to different regions of the brain. It regulates the sleep cycle function, body temperature, hormone secretion, urine production, and changes in blood pressure.


The sleep/wake cycle in humans is dependent on light and temperature. There are external factors that affect the circadian rhythm. These could be an alarm clock or meal times. 

Melatonin is an internal factor that affects the clock. This is a chemical that is produced by the pineal gland and it has a day/night function. It peaks during darkness and lowers during the day. It can shift biological rhythms.

This can be used for therapeutic measures for human health problems and other cycles such as in sheep to control breeding cycles.


The rhythms of the circadian cycle are fundamental to all organisms. They are driven by an internal time-keeping system: a clock. Changes in the outside environment entrain this clock. There is a period of approximately a 24-hour rhythm driven by the clock when there is no time cue.

When birds migrate south from north or the other way round they are signalled by circannual rhythms. The change in temperature and in the length of day, plus a signal for navigation comes from within on first flight. The bird also learns over a period of time as it continues to fly adjusting to its current environment. This shows how a combination of external and internal signals a bird to migrate.


In 1997   a gene for the biological clock in a mouse was identified and cloned. It was used to restore a functioning biological clock to a line of mutant mice, which had lost normal circadian rhythms; this proved the identification of the “Clock” gene. These mice then passed the gene onto their descendants.


Gravitation is when objects with mass attract one another. In everyday life, its gravitation that keeps us from floating off into space, it’s what gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped.


Gravitation is a universal phenomenon, in our solar system the sun is the biggest object and all the planets are attracted to it. In the universe our solar system is attracted to the centre of our galaxy, so it keeps its place in the outer rim of the Milky Way and at just the right place for our solar system to support life.

If I were standing on the moon my weight would be lighter than what it is on earth. This is because the gravity on the moon is not as strong as it is on earth. Most of the planets have gravity but they are at different strengths to the earth


Gravity exists as one of the four fundamental interactions of nature.

Newton and Einstein both had theories as to what gravity is and how it works.


Newton’s thought that the force of gravity on Earth was the same force that organized the motions of all the planets around the sun. He then worked out the math’s to calculate the way these bodies move and used the inverse square equations to do this.


Einstein’s idea was that any particles would not move in a straight line in space. They will be attracted to each other. He thought there is a 4th dimension called space-time, his theory is that a heavy object will ‘warp’ space-time and create a dent in it that keeps the position of the object in its place.

The latest theory is particles called gravitons and a graviton wave. These could responsible for the attraction between particles large and small bodies.

The effects of gravity keeps us attracted to the earth, the amount of attraction is according to the weight of the earth and distance from the sun. The tension created by gravity is not big because we can move around on earth without being squashed by it. It is just right for life to flourish on earth. 

Nobody fully understands how gravity works, or even why gravity exists. It has been around since the very beginning of the universe and it works the same way everywhere in the universe.

After the big bang, gravity pulled atoms together to make stars and planets. Once these had formed, gravity kept the planets in orbit around the stars, and moons orbiting around the planets. And on each planet that is large enough, gravity keeps an atmosphere around it.

Gravity works on all kinds of different objects, of all different sizes larger than atoms - atomic forces hold those together instead. The bigger an object is, and the closer you are to it, the stronger its gravitational pull is.

On Earth, gravity keeps the air around us and everything else from drifting off into space. The rotation of the Earth and the gravitational effects of the Moon and Sun cause the movement of tides. It also causes hot air to rise while colder air falls, which in turn creates wind and weather.


The convection keeps our planet at the correct temperature by cooling the molten core of the earth. The cooling mechanism of the earth through the gravity and the magnetic field creates another perfect setup for life on earth. Magnetism is another natural force that the earth and solar system respond to.

The magnetic field of earth is produced and maintained by the movement of the liquid iron in the outer core. A rotating fluid is required to maintain this field this is described by maths and is called the induction equation.

Scientists think that the electrical currents flowing in the liquid outer core deep inside the Earth generates the magnetic field. This liquid moves around through a process called convection. The movement sets up the currents and magnetic field. Scientist’s think this is linked to the earth’s rotation. This field is not stable and over time the north and south change places.

All magnets are surrounded by a force field that is strongest at the poles [the ends] of the magnet. The poles are north or south. Opposite poles attract each other whilst two of the same type repel each other.

The earth produces a magnetized field and behaves as if it has a huge magnet inside it. The field extends out into space and is known as the magnetosphere, this field deflects the Solar winds away from earth and protects the atmosphere.

The sun emits streams of charged particles into space that can be attracted by the earth magnetic poles. The particles then interact with air molecules in the upper atmosphere and produces beautiful patterns of light known as Aurora Borealis in the north and Aurora Australis in the south pole.

Other planets have a magnetic field Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus has a stronger one that earth, whereas mercury venues and mars have weaker fields.

Magnets are made artificially now. The first compasses were made from a naturally occurring magnetic mineral lob stone now called magnetite. The Chinese used this mineral for their first compass. The magnetic compass is an instrument that can be used to navigate the world. The needle always points to the North Pole. This Pole is slowly changing position so special charts are used to correct these changes so that the compass can be accurate.

Animals and humans are able to sense the magnetic field. The animals that possess a magnetic sense are able to identify direction and navigate over long distances. Researchers have found that these animals have deposits of biological magnetite in their nervous systems these magnet-like minerals align themselves with the magnetic fields of the Earth and might act like microscopic compass needles

Marine animals, like salmon, whales and turtles, are known to migrate with the seasons, they can sense the direction and strength of the earth’s magnetic field, which they use for navigating along their regular migration route

Cattle and red and roe deer tend to situate themselves on a magnetic North-South to the earth’s magnetic field. Some people report that they can sense Magnetic North. At the California Institute of Technology Dr. Kirschvink detected magnetite in the human brain and heart. This could help the orientation sense of humans.

It is thought that maintaining a symmetric position to the earth’s field lines could influences certain physiological processes. For example, the onset of rapid eye movement in sleeping humans is shortened in the E-W orientation of sleepers compared to the N-S position.

Processes in the magnetosphere and solar wind produce magnetic waves that influence us.These are called Ultra Low Frequencies (ULF) and geomagnetic pulsations; there are others that are called pulsations continuous (Pc) and pulsations irregular (Pi).

The lower the osculation the more effects it has on life. There are some waves that pulse at the same rate as the heart and the brain. There have been a lot of studies on these matters. For instance it seems that some people sleep better when facing the n/s alignment.

Man is closely linked to the magnetism of earth and the universe. Studies of the effects of the suns solar winds and sun spot activity have proved that there are times when the sun is active and then quiet. This has an effect on our ability to be psychic and also to be able to focus the mind and study and learn. [no 2 ]

The sun creates solar storms most of this deflected away from the earth by the magnetosphere. This causes geomagnetic storms in space. These transfer some energy to the magnetosphere causing fluctuations of direction and speed to the magnetosphere. The earth has geomagnetic fields, GMF.

This field differs in different region and various times. Changes in the solar system, the activity of the sun, the movement of the planets and the daily oscillations of the earth’s rotation, or geological changes on earth, like ground water or the movement of the earth inner core. These can alter the strength of the earths GMF daily.

The differences have an effect on the orientation of animals such as dolphins and pigeons that use the magnetic field to navigate.

Because of space flight the scientist found that low frequency magnetic oscillations have a profound effect on nearly all-cellular and chemical process in living things. There research found that that if a cosmonaut had a cardiac arrest it was usually during a magnetic storm. [3 ]

Illness on earth also seemed to parallel geomagnetic activities in space. Heart attacks rates rise and fall according to solar cyclic activity. The bigger number of sudden death from heart disease happens within a day of a geomagnetic storm. These storms have an effect upon mental health.

When you think about what magnetism is it stands to reason that the effects on life are great, we are made up of the same stuff.

The evidence for life after death has still not been proven by science. The evidence is that man is sensitive to energy sources that are to refine to measure and can only be measured through experience. Everybody has had a sensitive feeling of energy in certain places.

We are much more than a physical body; our body houses a conscious soul, spirit energy that is sensitive to all other things on earth and in the universe. There is so much more to learn about these subtle energies. Man has only just touched on this aspect of life. The evidence is in how we feel, act and exist. Personally I wanted to understand these aspects of life so I developed my subtle energies and became a medium. I have first hand experience of the communication involved in clairvoyance healing and channeling. I meditate regularly and have learnt about the science through this course. Without doubt I know that I am able to tune into another level of energy that exists in the universe and me to help me to learn and give info to others who are in need of comfort and I am conscious of doing this.

This is my evidence. Physicists examining the quantum theory might get closer to a truth about these energy’s, in the mean time my reasoning is that no energy is lost only changed. So when my body dies my chi or life force, soul or spirit will go into the unified field /source that I came from in the first place.

My experience in the physical world will not be lost only transferred and maybe used in another way. William Tiller has proved the thought; intent and conscious positive energy can be captured and used in another place. [4 ]] Man is not educated or evolved enough yet for this kind of energy to be available to all peoples.

It can be done as I have proven for myself on a small scale, with my years of study of chi kung, tai chi, meditation, spiritual learning and conscious thought. But the sort of discipline needed is great and most people are not ready, to busy or just do not want to know about it enough to learn yet. Over time this will change I have no doubt about this it is the natural way of man becoming more evolved.


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