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Barbara Neville A 3 Section 4  Energy Fields 1/6/10

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A Russian called Semyon Kirlian first found Kirlian photography in 1939. He discovered it by accident when he left a glass plate on a table near an electronic device that created a field of electricity and when he looked there was an image on the plate with an aura around it.


This later was researched to find out why and what this aura was. Since then there are a few uses for this photography such as diagnostic for health and looking and measuring the energy that surround the physical life form.

The energy that is photographed was seen as an energy force that is outside of the physical body of a living thing. This is proof that life is more than its physical body. There is lots of proof that we have an energy field around us now.


With modern technology it is possible to measure the electro magnetic energy coming out of the heart {1}.

The Chinese have always talked about the chi of the body and universe as being the life force of all life.

Electromagnetic energy is thought to be a matrix for the growth of the body inside the womb, the limbs are formed through a pre set pattern {2}.

Electromagnetic energy is closely entwined with all life. The magnetic field is also entwined: there are experiments that show the reaction of the emotional energy given out en mass when a devastation thing happens in the world such as 9/11, when the tsunami happened in Asia and when lady Diana died.


There have been many experiments to prove that we are far more than the sum of our physical body, this is a new way to see ourselves as humans and what we could do to make a big difference in our world and universe. Some things remain the same such as the conservation of energy.  Energy is indestructible it can only be transferred into a different state of existence.

There are many other energy fields that have been proven to exist and some that have not yet been proven.

Kirlian photography is a form of photogram.  A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a photosensitive material, such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light.


The result is a negative shadow image with various tones depending on the transparency of the objects used. Areas of the paper that have received no light appear white; those exposed through transparent or semi-transparent objects appear grey.

Semyon Kirlian accidentally discovered that if an object on a

Photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage it will create an image on the photographic plate with what is called a corona, this is created by the strong electric field at the edges of the object.


In electricity a corona dischargeis an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of fluid surrounding a conductor, this occurs when the strength of the electric field exceeds a certain value, but conditions are insufficient to cause complete electrical arcing. 

A conductor is a material, which contains movable electric charges in metallic conductors, such as copper or aluminium; the movable charged particles are electrons.

Positive charges may also be moving in the form of atoms.


Mr Kirlian claimed that the image might be compared to the human aura. There was a lot of controversy about this statement. There were experiments done on a living leaf that was then photographed at set periods to see how the aura declined as the leaf dried up and died.


The experiment did show a difference in the strength of the aura but many people said that it was simple the moisture that was being photographed and had nothing to do with the aura. This photography was done in black and white film.


As time went on they started to experiment with colour. The first coloured photographs were of a magnet and a coin the corona is similar to that obtained with black and white film, but in this case, two fundamental colours are found magenta and blue.


Photographs were taken of fingers that showed the same color patterns. There was a difference in the symmetry of the fingers, certain areas showed a difference in density and color to other areas.

To help with the diagnostic idea the fingers were photographed based on acupuncture, this showed that areas on the fingers represented different parts of the body’s main organs.

The relationship to the different colors and the organs could be used as a diagnostic tool, to tell how a person’s health is. This system seems rational and has certain logic. 

Hundreds of color photographs taken with the idea of being able to set up  a diagnostic  system that would give a sense of the credibility of this idea, this system was  being used in Portugal. The problem with it was in the interpretation of the images in diagnoses, although the system was consistent, it was not technically credible, because it was not based on acceptable medical theories.


As was said before, the main problem with Kirlian photography is the interpretation of the images. Several interpretation methods exist, the most credible to use is that of Dr. Peter Mandel. Titled: Energy Emission Analysis, New Applications of Kirlian photography for Holistic Health. His system uses the acupuncture points of the hands and feet. There were four basic types of phenomena: Normal emission, Deficiency, Aggression, and Degeneration. This was generally used in Europe at that time.


My own thoughts on this is that whatever causes the image it is an image of something that was not quite understood at that time, whether it was due to moisture or not I think that it could be called an aura of the body. I am not sure if it should be used alone for the interpretation for disease but coupled with the medical science we have now, it could be useful in diagnosing holistically using all our technology.

As time progressed on, there is now much more technology and there have been lots more research on these imagines that surround our bodies. The scientists have developed methods to measure this field. 

Energy fields start with the outer region of the universe. Earth is under the influence of a great energy field that emanates from the center of the Milky Way.


At the present time our solar system is traveling across the center of the galaxy. We are the closes to that central black hole than we have been for many 100s of years and the energy field of that gravitational pull is affecting our solar system and in turn us.


As we move in closer to home the earth is under the influence of our suns energy field, along with the other planets and the moon. The effects of these are directly felt on earth and are responsible for the life on earth.

Outside of our earths gravitational field, that keeps life on earth in balance for growth, the energy from the sun sends out bursts of radiation that move around the energy field that protects earth such as the van Allen belt and gravitation.


The momentum of the moon has the power to move our oceans every day. There is also within the gravitational field the magnetic fields and the electro magnetic fields. The magna, volcanoes and tectonic plates that mould the earth, are thought to be affected by these fields.


As with macro so it is with micro. The energy fields that cannot be seen with the naked eye are thought to be of a quantum nature. The quantum theory is the study of the extremely small particles and their fields. Slowly now the scientists are being able to prove through repeatable experiments that such fields exist.


Through the ages the ancient peoples have been aware of the life forces and have used them and written about them.

Kirlian photography proved that living things have energy round them, an aura. Now it’s proven that all living things emit a light that France Fritz Popp calls bio photons.

This light is a very weak energy of light, it is electro- magnetic in nature and it does not stem from the usual light of the sun directly. It is in food water air and can be absorbed into the body from all life around us.  


Popp has been able to measure the way the bio -photon creates and destroys life. In a healthy body the bio photon emits light at just the right rate to produce pulses of instruction to the organs to keep them healthy. In cancer patients, the bio photon emits not enough light and cancer grows. In m s sufferers, the light emits too much and the organs and bones get overloaded and that causes them to malfunction.


In a single cell the thought is that the bio photon is responsible for the multiplying of the cells of a baby so the each part of the human body is produced in the right order and place. Its like these photons are the matrix of life and have the patterns within them to produce all of the diversity on life in our world.

This process of growth has lead scientists to the idea of a coherent bio photon field. The discovery of bio photon emission also gives some scientific support to more unconventional methods of healing such as homeopathy and acupuncture.


The "chi" energy flowing in our bodies, energy channels (meridians), which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, regulates our body functions, may be related to the bio photon field. A similar energy is used in Yoga.

Looking at the biological nature of that matrix, it is not so hard to see that self-healing can and does work. With the energy of thought and the energy from our emotional love, this light can be kept in the correct balance for our own health.


I know it to be true in my own right. I have been using a method of self -healing through the practice of the art of Chi Kung and Tai Chi for 25 years. The object of the meditation and exercises were to keep in balance and store chi. it was thought that chi exists everywhere as minute particles of light. [Bio photons] and was directly responsible for the life force of all living things. We were told that it is in the air, water and the universe and could be balanced by the thoughts that we gave it whilst we practiced the Chinese art.


We were taught that its is electro magnetic in nature and by using our conscious thought and the right emotion we could evolve this energy field into what is called shen [spirit]. So the ancient Chinese new about the life force as did other ancient tribes.

Going back to thoughts. In light of what I know and do the idea that thought is an energy field does not need to be proven to me because I am experiencing it.

We can influence our balance and send distant healing to others these things have been proven {3}.


We can also change the vibration frequency of a specific place with continual thoughts in meditation that has been shown to last up to 10 days. {4}.  How does it work? There are thoughts about a unified field  {5}.  That is everywhere in the universe and this field connects all life. The scientists are getting closer to understanding this quantum idea.

The worldview of life and how we existed is changing with the outcome of the latest experiment.  The old mechanical idea is being replace by a different way of looking at life. It makes sense to how life is, when thought of as interconnected energy fields within us and outside of us, all interconnected and that the thought energy field can direct them.


So one type of field can interact within another. I can physically feel the chi in other living things, plants, animal’s and people. I suspect that all people can if they let themselves.

The experiments have proven that the magnetic and electro magnetic fields have a direct influence on the life force or is it the other way round!

Because of the experiments on energy fields we know that the heart can emit powerful electro magnetic energy outward to at least 8 feet and the scientist suspect that it can go as far as the though can send it.


So are we influencing the electro magnetic and magnetic fields or are they influence us?  Or is there a greater intelligence overseeing the perfect balance in our universe.   If thoughts and heart felt love are an energy force and can be directed out to another person at some distance could this be classed as telepathy and clairvoyance?


 William G Braud wrote a paper on remote mental influence of electro dermal activity. This is a change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety; can be measured either by recording the electrical resistance of the skin, or by recording weak currents generated by the body.


This is what was used as an experiment for telepathy and clairvoyance. In the early days these subjects were known as parapsychology or psychical research. Now they are known as psychophysiology and conditioning and learning.



In 1900’s Russian scientists were exploring a new phenomena called ‘conditional reflexes.’ Ivan Pavlov was one of these and was interested in the phenomena of hypnosis and in the unusual physiological and psychological function of the psychiatric patients.


In 1952 Pavlov wrote that when mans conscious activity is altered [by hypnosis or some other reason], his ability to differentiate is sharpened during states of clairvoyance, this ability in man reaches infinite sharpness. We now call this instrumental conditioning. It was Vladimir Bekhterev who in 1976 did work on investigations of telepathic influence in dogs and in remote hypnotic influence of humans.


He is better known for his work in reflexology but in 1922 he was know for his study of suggestion investigation to look at the spontaneous case of psychic phenomena psychological effect of magnetic fields in hypnotized subjects and distant mental suggestion of hypnotized subjects.


Leonid Vasiliev carried out a lot of experiments of this type. This work was done within a physiological frame. Vasiliev used the electromagnetic hypothesis of telepathy developed by an Italian neurologist F. Cazzamalli.


This work was conducted from 1921 – 1938 then discontinued until 1960 when it was re-established and continued until his death in 1966. Vasilier’s team used careful selected experiments, to test distant influence, [mental suggestion]. The general findings were able to demonstrate positive results, that mental suggestion had no barrier to metals and the faraday chamber screening. 


This is a metal chamber, to protect whatever is inside, from the effects of electrical charges such as lightening and to some of the electromagnetic energy on the outside of the box. It does not protect from the earths magnetic field because this field is not too strong.

He also identified psychological facts that could impede or facilitate the effects.



Braud and Schmidt replicated these earlier experiments with good results in 1989. Rupert Sheldrake did up to date experiments using the predicted phone calls that could be proven positive.


James R Knippengorg talks about telepathy as being part of our life, when you pick up a depressed or happy mood from someone you are with. There is a general idea that could prove that clairvoyance and telepathy is one and the same thing. It seems to me, that we do have this energy connectedness and if a person is sensitive enough, telepathy is quite normal and has now been extensively researched.


These thoughts, that there is a connection between clairvoyance and telepathic abilities, tie in with the idea of the unified field and the fact that energy is indestructible. It looks like there is an amount of energy in our universe that changes all the time, going from one type into another. in a never ending dance.


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