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Barbara Neville A 3 Section 3 The transformation of energy 11//2/10

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Although scientists define energy as the ability to do work, they are not talking about work in the everyday meaning of the word. Whenever a force moves an object the work is done. So energy needs force to move an object. Energy has 2 states, one is when energy is locked up or stored, as in a power station this is called potential or latent energy, when its in use to produce an effect its called kinetic energy.


There are so many different manifestations of energy in our world. The sun is one large form of energy for heat and light, this transforms into the growth of trees and plants, which then leads to the food for animals and in turn the food we eat to give us the energy. There’s also coal, oil and gas that can be used to create electricity to move machines to help us to live and build homes.

These types of energy are transformed from one state to another. There is another law of nature that says that no energy is lost or gained. This is known as the law of conservation. It is one of nature’s basic laws; it means that energy can only be changed in form and that mass and energy are two aspects of the same thing. This is explained by Einstein’s special theory of relativity.


When a piece of wood is burned it creates heat and light this is what is known as energy transformation, one type of energy is being transformed into another by burning.


When we work, the energy we use is biological and although the work may not always be physical, the body still needs to replace the energy given off.

We are at a point in science where there is technology that can measure energy’s that has not been understood so far.

The study of this type of science will only progress. One of these is the united field and the god gene. The particle accelerator experiment will give us information to some of these particle energies for the future.

There are many theories that are not yet proven.

The String and  ‘M’ theory that Micho Kaku puts forward,

the energy of consciousness, time, connectedness, intellect, a unified field and the omnipresence of the divine these are unproven idea’s that are at this time being experimented with.

But to start with we need to look at the definition of energy. What is the definition of energy?

The word energy comes from the Greek ’enérgeia, which is interpreted into "operation", or "actuality". This term is a compound of ’en and ’érgon, that means "work". In modern physical science the idea of energy is usually associated with mechanical work. This means the machines are driven by energy to make them work. This energy can come from the burning of wood or oil to produce the energy to drive the machines. The scientists put this down as the production of motion against resistance. Although energy exists in many forms, it is considered especially in two distinct states known as kinetic energy, or energy of motion, and potential energy, or energy of position.


To make energy work there needs to be a force, there are 2 types of force, these are pushing or pulling, momentum and gravity.

The roller coaster ride is an excellent way to explain the experience, which involves the physics. Part of the physics of a roller coaster is, the physics of work and energy. A mechanical device exerts a force on to the train of cars to lift it to the top of a very tall hill. Once this has happened gravity takes over and the ride then becomes an experience in energy transformation. At the top of the hill, these cars possess a large quantity of potential energy this is the energy of a vertical position the power of this energy is dependent upon the mass of the object and the height of the object.


This potential energy of the cars is due to elevation to a large height above the ground. As the cars drop they lose much of this potential energy because the height is lost. The cars then gain kinetic  energy, this is energy of motion and is dependent upon the mass and speed of the object. The train is continuously losing and gaining height. Each gain in height corresponds to the loss of speed as kinetic energy and is transformed into potential energy. Each loss in height corresponds to a gain of speed, potential energy this is transformed into kinetic energy. The law of conservation of energy is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred or transformed from one form to another


There are two ways of looking at the conservation of energy there’s the open system, this is when there is a machine that is helping to covert energy into another state. Then there’s the closed system that is concerned with the chemical transformation of energy and matter.  This means there is no outside influences to help the change. Albert Einstein’s equation E = M C squared, explains this and it means the energy is multiplied by the speed of light squared, the amount of matter that can be converted from a atom of energy is vast. The total amount of energy in a closed system never changes.


The natural process is when there is a chemical changes due to the interaction of the different substances as in the human body. The energy for human muscle power is chemical energy from food. This energy comes from the sun and is absorbed by the crops. This is a natural process.

Energy can be transferred from one form into another but cannot be created or destroy. In chemical reactions, for each component, there may be changes in energy due to the change of its physical state like heating or cooling or changes in the nature of chemical bonds. There are other times when the chemical energy can cross over to electricity  as in the chemical energy of a battery that is transferred into the electrical energy in a circuit, which can then be transferred into lighting a bulb, but the total amount of energy is constant.


Every thing in the universe is made up of energy of some sort.  The wind, water, earth, clouds, the sun, planets, fire and out in the universe the plasma, the milky way, other bodies, stars and galaxy’s all these are made up of energy. Life on earth is energy. The total amount of energy in the universe is constant.

Coal, oil, and natural gas are used to create energy, these fuels are the remains of plants that got energy from sunlight when they grew millions of years ago.

The sun gives off lots of energy as heat, light and particles that are absorbed through the earths  gravitational field.  These energies are crucial for life on earth, the light is used to give us sight  which help’s us to live. It is also changed by chemical process to produce pictures from a camera. The heat is used to grow food so that we can eat and grow. The light is very important for the growth and movement of the animals that also eat the fauna to grow and provide meat.


The energy of the gravitational pull of the moon sun and earth keeps the water moving around the planet so as to keep the perfect balance for the growth of life. The heat from the volcanoes and the tectonic plates are also energies that keep the earth functioning in a balanced state. There is so much energy in the universe much of which we have not even touched yet due to the lack of technology.

There is also the energy of mans mind and spiritual energy, or the energy of love or fear and anger. There is psychic energy, conscious energy and intellectual energy.

The gravitational pull of the earth, sun and moon especially at the time of the full moon has an effect on life. In Lynn Mc Taggets book, she tells about experiments that explain how these cosmic energies are very relevant in the psychic energy and powers. [ 1 ]


The manifestation of energy is when something becomes known to the eye. For instance when an illness or dis-ease is occurring in the body, lets say it is a cold the person does not know he has a cold until his nose starts the run or he gets a sore throat. These two things are the manifestation of the cold making itself known to him.

Manifestation is when something seems to come out of nothing, this is of course not true, everything is something just because we cannot see it directly it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

There has always been a mystery about the phenomena of the psychic powers we have. As research moves forward the mystery is gradually diminishing. The problem with mysteries is they create fear and lots of the old ways have used this as a control. Nowadays it cannot be used because of physics and science.


It is now emerging that the psychic abilities could be due to transformed energy by the human body manifesting in healing, clairvoyance and channelling words. The power of thought coupled with unconditional love given through the heart and brain is a chemical process on an atomic level, giving the power to effect the non-local energy of another place or person as in distant healing.


This can affect the aura or subtle energy fields to change them this could be   due to the person’s thoughts, intent and the giving of unconditional love as they do their work.  When the medium is working they are in a state of meditation, this could bring their energy into a higher frequency that changes their brain patterns. Then they ask for guidance and tune into their guides or higher being. This is using their imagination. They could be picturing this guide. 

Then they use their unconditional love and brainpower to provide the energy to bring the words forward for them to speak. The It could be that their inner energy extends outwards so that it can be seen as colour or an image superimposed over the medium

In the old days the idea was that some outside energy came into the medium and this was how the words were given. And for many this still holds true because that’s how an individual will understand it. We have our freedom of will. 

From my perspective I understand that I am part of, and connected to the universal energy of everything and this can be called whatever a person wants, God, Buddha, Mohamed or as I understand it the divine source or light. Scientifically it is a unified field that has yet to be proven, but the very nature of it means to me that it is divine insomuch as the perfection with which it works.


Because of the connectedness of all things through this field my understanding is that everything is the same energy manifested into different types. For instance I am made up of stardust that is put together or manifesting as the form of a physical body. I have been practicing Tai and chi Kung for 23 years on a daily bases. [2] In this practice we are taught that the spiritual heart sits in the pineal gland and that the glandular system is paramount to keep the physical mind, soul and body in balance.


The ancient knowledge coupled with the latest experiments proves that all things are connected after all. My guides reside inside my spiritual heart, the pineal gland and when this is merged through the chi kung breathing practice to my physical heart I can access the knowledge and wisdom of all that there is, has been and will be. [ 3 ] Some of this information is what I have learnt, but it is also the conclusion I have come to in my own right, it is a theory.


Now with the knowledge I have gained from the science, it is obvious to me that I am the same as all energy around me and rather than the energy coming into my self, it is actually within me and I connect to the outside and build my knowledge, energy and spiritual enlightenment from the unified field. My teacher always said that god lies within man.



None of this detracts from the idea that we have a god. The way I see it is that god is the divine light that is always giving us the ability to exist as a human being on earth. How we use this is up to the individual.


Going back to the unified field, my understanding of it is that it is a quantum energy that is natural until a person or life focuses on it, then it becomes the thought of that person. Because its natural it only becomes negative or positive by the energy given by the observer.



It does mean that it’s quite important that the understanding is there for these things to be seen in a balanced way. Some lessons can be very hard in physical life. My teachers have said we are given the lessons that we can cope with and learn the most from.


We have talked about forms of energy that are not yet understood because energy needs to be seen to be understood.  There are other energies like dark energy that exist in the universe.


The scientists know its there because it forms a pattern in the way galaxy’s form. The flattish circular pattern with light and dark areas. To talk about the energy of consciousness is similar. We know it exists because we can feel it in our hearts.



The physicist are connecting it to the quantum theory because this is the nearest they can get to a partial explanation.

Then there’s the energy that many of us use in healing again we know it works because of the results in this field of research. [3 the intention experiment] There could be a connection with this energy and consciousness. This also relates to the idea of a unified field that connects all things in the universe.


This has been named The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden,[5, 1] The Field by Lynn Mc tagget, [ 5,2]. There have been a lot of experiments on these ideas.

Mostly the experiments have been in healing and remote viewing and tangled particles. [ 4 ]


Michio Kaku [5,3] is working on unified idea called the String Theory and ‘M’ theory this is based on work done 2000 years ago by a group of greeks called the Pythagoreans.



They wondered if the universe could be explained by the laws of harmony, now there is a belief the universe can be explained by vibration super strings.



As time goes by these changes are happening. In the early 70s Michio Kaku string theory that led to the idea of a 10 dimensional universe was laughed at but now it is included in the mainstream sciences in all universities.


Deepak Chopra, [5,4 ]  Amit Goswami [5,5 ] are also working on similar ideas using quantum sciences and coupling it with spiritual inspiration.


These scientist’s have all studied the ancient texts and have found a relationship within the modern idea’s and the ancient idea’s.


The difference is now all information is open and available and talked about in real time terms instead of being hidden and coded. There is a problem with these new ideas and that is they do not agree with the reductionist’s point of view on how science works.


This is why we need a paradigm shift in how the worldview of science is understood.


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