THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is a place where likeminded people can come together and recognise the energy light codes that have been given since 1986.

It is not a school as we know it on 3rd D it is a school for recognising what we have already been giving, doing, and actively using for a long period of time, now is the time to adjust these things and bring then into the ADAM KADMON light frequencies codes of 2019 with NO RESISTANCE.

Now is the time to recognise that everything you have been doing on 3rd D earth in your way of personal progression is using and learning these codes; they have been given out many, many times from many, many souls and are still being given, but if you cant recognise them on the higher Ds you are still planning it on the 3rd D.


THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is just to bring you into another line of thought and being inside yourself and recognising the power you hold.

 You connect with Gaia, the galixy and the universe with the loving pure light, it will ease Gaia and your life: recognising it and applying it to your life is not as simple as clicking your finger.

 You do need some guidance or a group of people talking together to help you all to realise what your personal aim is.

Every single person has their own perspective on it and everybody’s unique in their divine light.

THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is going to be groups of people coming together giving ideas, each person putting in their little bit so that everybody can evolve into the ADAM KADMON unified light field. 


This is what my guides are telling me, this is what it is, so everything we have been doing up to date has been to introduce these things into our 3rd D life, brain and body and now is time to bring the adjustment up, its not to learn we already know it, it is recognise within ourselves and its done by feelings it’s the feeling of love in our hearts, the feeling of the frequency of light as we approach someone we love, this is where we are looking thank you very much.


THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is not to learn something different, it’s about recognising what it is to become naturally aware consciously of the new divine light within and practice being in it and using it with unconditional love.

The power is here; now; in all things, it’s crept up slowly becoming a natural part of life.

Many souls still hold the essence of the 3rd D and are functioning on these patterns.

All it takes is to realise that your daily practice is shifting into the recognition of the power of the list that is being used all the time.

There is a need for people to come together to exchange ideas, info, Data, to expand upon this new concept of light fields that we are in.

Brain storming, sharing, bantering, talking about fears, ideas, ways to open up and recognise these beautiful light fields.

As this year opens out each sacred time, cosmic line ups, energy portals will be giving more light; recognising using and aligning with them with the new found understanding that the ways you do things is to be greatly enhanced way of your recently open dormant D N A this is reacting to this light.


The sun is changing the frequencies on earth, solar system and galixy, the emissions coming of our sun has changed the megahertz on Gaia.


This is what we are receiving; if we try to hang on to the old ways of light by resisting changes it causes a blockage within. Be un-resistant to new thoughts and ways of doing things, start a new pattern in your life.

Give yourself 10 mins of quiet time every day and see how quick you become aligned in your own physical matrix newly open D N A fields within. Be Light. Be Love. Be Happy. xx