So we know the energies are coming; changing us and they are continual.

No need to explain where they come from.

# We know they are coming from the outer universe since last September. #

# We know we can and do step beyond the 3rd D matrix regularly #

# We know we carry on functioning on the 3rd D holo matrix life style #

# We know that this high field light affects us in many different ways #  # Many souls list these on their blogs #

Jack says, use every available data to help you understand. Change your mind-set. Know that everyone is galactic being living on Gaia, accept and embrace it.



Dear souls we THE GALACTIC COUNCIL come to reassure you that all is correct.

The ancient Data coming through is not the same as information on the 3rd D earth.

Our question to you is:

Do you expect a formula to create an engine to produce the new frequency as a harnessed energy?

Do you expect a list of ways to harness this higher frequency of light to give a definitive outcome?

Do you expect this ancient information to be, as you know information on the 3rd D earth?

 Well dear souls we expect that you do think this way!



Information IS being given all the time:

Here is a list of what has been coming as guidance:

# To connect to the new Gaia light #

# Go within #

# Focus on your hearts #

# Listen to your intuition #

# Take note of your dreams #

# Walk on Gaia #

# Give yourself love #

# Let go of fear #

# See the 3rd D earth hologram matrix as just that! With its separation and polarity #

# Be truthful to yourself and others #

# Respect all life the planet #

# Search out and read the things that resonates with you #

# Release all things that do not serve you #

# Read and receive the light word language and understand it’s a   knowing rather than a list of things #

 # Understand that all energy is fields of light #

# The way of creation is a long established process of sacred geometry #

# Understand the value of the crystal, nature and cosmic entities #

# Acceptance of the ancient knowledge is the feelings of knowing that there is NO SEPERATION in anything#

#   Knowing and accepting the bigger picture #

#  Knowing that when you do anything for your own evolution you are also creating an adjustment in Gaia, galaxy and universe. #

# Knowing that your consciousness is the same as the collective consciousness of ALL life and entities in the universe. #

# Knowing that you are directly linked with earth through these fields of light there is NO SEPERATION. What you do has an affect on the ALL. #

# Having the courage to act and share things that on the 3rd D earth would seem very unusual #

# How do you feel when your read these words, can you feel the expansion of your newly awakened D N A bringing in the divine energy, cracking open your clay vessel, letting your crystal divine self emerge out into the light; CAN YOU FEEL IT? #

# When your sit in a sacred place,  [and they are everywhere] feel the body expand naturally into it’s higher being; emerging into your light being through the sacred sites and portals in nature. #

# Feel it, be it, understand that this IS the ancient technology and knowledge that’s being transmitted to you with love understanding and light. #


Look deeply into your life and understand how far you have already changed,

These guidelines are the way to living in the higher Ds while on earth, the way to realise them is to begin to remember and be them all the time, it’s a different way of seeing, feeling and acting in the everyday life.

To understand the ancient ways, to get access to it, is to adapt your life style to accommodate these guidelines until they become your normal.

All this information is being given ALL the time and you might read it many times. 


As an instance the 1st one   # Go within # what does this mean?

To make it happen it means you spend a bit of quiet time to breath and focus into your body, the chakras are an easy way to start; it will take you a bit of your time during you day.

If you did this every day for 10 minutes’ you open up your inner sanctuary and from there you can work your way through the other bullet points building up a whole new way of thinking and life.

 If you read these words and then say, “I don’t have time” then the time is not right for you to progress.

Leave it for another day.

The only way to begin this is to give your self the time to practice it.

It’s the same as learning anything, if you go to night school to learn another language you go to the lesson then you practice until the next one and gradually you begin to speak it.

There is very little difference, what you learn with this new way is just about things that have been ignored for eons of time, not so much words, more about feelings and allowing yourself to acknowledge them and the intuition in your heart.


Every single person has these abilities within them, during the period of control through the ages we have been led to believe that these things are NOT important and have bee ridiculed.

Well now is the time to say, “Actually we are very interested in re-learning these ways of being in my life, they are not so silly, they help us to become the true beings that we are and have a right to acknowledge them and open up this part of our dormant life”.



The previous list is the ancient technology, knowledge and understanding; the way to become it, is to practice these different ways of feeling, seeing, experiencing and understanding them as guidelines.

To learn anything, practice is needed until your know it so well that it becomes natural, its simple, follow the bullet points, take your time, set yourself a plan to begin.

Look at the previous # # points if you do not quite understand them research them until they are a knowing.

As this progresses your natural newly updated D N A and the new megahertz of Gaia will gradually bring into your perception these understandings until you are them, you will look back at this time and realise we are at school not much different to 3rd D school with a different criteria.