The Galactic council come in to tell us that the Adam Kadmon light is flowing across the universe, Gaia and all life is receiving it in the D N A the makeup of all life.

It is adjusting and adapting the original molecules to incorporate its divine vibration for people who are opening on their ascension path.

Dear souls be not afraid of these changes within your mind, body and soul, flow with them and embrace them with your unconditional heart felt love and they will respond back with love.

The light frequency’s become coherent through the rotation of Gaia after it is directly projected into and onto earth, as this occurs it starts to spiral forming a lovely coherent light that floods Gaia from the original source of the Adam Kadmon fields of divine creation: creating a formation that is the multi Ds interconnection from the outer universe.


Within the field there are sacred geometric patterns that form fitting together as a puzzle, they are spirals, vortexes, zero point portals and every geometric shape of the metatron cube and the flower of life energetic patterns.


It’s a cacophony of energy frequencies fields all dancing together in the new multi Ds, mingling, changing, adapting and transforming.

Some souls are unaware of this: it is not affecting their 3rd D life, others are sensitive to it and are feeling these transmissions

It is the feeling of not quiet being there yet; you have stepped into this field and are paddling on the edge of these lovely light flows as they over lap the ones you are already in.


Seeing things, feeling as if you are in some way distant to the ones around you at times and at other times you are not.

Its normal, its becoming normal, dealing with it everyday makes it normal, adapt to it by adapting your life with love.


In the bigger picture of life on the 3rd D earth you are in the middle of an eventful re-construction and all these new perception that man is receiving is the event happening.

Every inspired piece of channelled information is an arrow to be picked up and followed, there are many, many, levels of guidance for all the diversity of souls on earth, there is no mistake, no judgment, we are ALL equal.

Open your hearts dear souls to this, there are no mistakes, no judgment, we are all equal, there is no separation, we are one.


The guidance stands true even more so now we are in the middle of the cosmic re-alignments.

The tensions of 3rd D life is restricting ONLY if you let it, only if you cant or don’t want to be in this new flow.


We recommend getting out and close to earths surface, walk upon Gaia to bring about your own freedom from the 3rd D tensions. Given with great love.

 Be relaxed. Be light. Be love and be happy.