This new information! How is it impacting our life?

Words do not explain it, it’s feeling more than words, and the way we feel!

We are free and are in the true being all the time; it’s a feeling of wholeness.

It is still a bit shaky, we get a bit dizzy, but as soon as we step back into the 3rd D it anchors us into Gaia and we can move through our tasks of life.

Our higher self is in our consciousness all the time.

It’s as if; we are a stream of this newly opened light walking on Gaia and going about our life while this light connects to Gaia.


YES DEAR SOUL:  you are anchoring this into her inner soul at Agatha all the time now.

This activated over the last 2 weeks now you are holding it, it’s from the Adam Kadmon frequency, the 10th-12th vibration of the sacred dragon light, it will settle down.

Its being multi D on 3rd D Gaia open and functioning in this, you stepped into the shallows of this field where the fields over-laps with the 3rd D you are paddling in the shallow of this to give you the experiences of the way things can change when you use your heart felt love focus.

The information we passed to you comes from this field of multi D knowledge.

Take it as a small step towards the in understanding of how this can work once you have decided to step into it with the new D N A as a driving force within your matrix giving it the go ahead to work its alchemy on your life in all aspects.


For all souls who cannot quite understand this data use your hearts feeling of unconditional love, focus and know that the D N A is everything in your physical makeup and when you expand your heart with your divine love you are opening the new light field within.

Be not afraid, give yourself permission to receive this gift of light its your natural inheritance.

Feel it, accept is as your divine higher self opening within.

For this first step acknowledge it and accept it and let it lay in your heart as a warm glow of this deeper consciousness until your are ready to bring it forth into your physical life style.

It won’t take long, paddle in the shallow of this field of light, get to know it and feel it, it is love, take the step with love. Xx