Activating ancient portals at sacred site means clearing energising and balancing areas on earth where ancient energy flows have been blocked.

They are Gaia’s surface energy portals of her higher being, Gaia is multi dimensional on her surface is the layer of the 3rd D hologram matrix, man has not been able to go very deep with her interior.

The theory is that there is an inner earth within the planet.

It is thought that all planets that spin have this within them.

The earth theory is that in this inner earth that has been named Agatha the dimensions are higher than on the surface of earth and in certain places this energy comes to earth surface and it can be accessed in these places.

The ancient pyramids and sacred sites across earth are set in conjunction with the alignments of planets sun sets, and rises and at certain times these lines up the cosmic energy bring this higher vibrating to the surface of Gaia.


The magnetic energy in these places are at zero point this means that there can be no compass reading in these places.

Visiting these place people can feel the differences and they have enlightening experiences while they are there.


These sites are Gaia’s energy portals of her higher being, activating them starts the process of individual activation of the portals within her and humanity there is NO SEPERATION

 The new consciousness of Gaia and humanity comes through the D N A that has lay dormant for so long.

This is happening now with the suns activity of solar flairs that are throwing out massive energy that has changed the ultra violet frequency on earth and in the human energy fields stimulating the needs in their hearts to find their deeper understanding of life each person has their own portal within waiting to be activated,

Be in a state of quiet contemplation and breath into the heart connect to Gaia and heaven and feel the unconditional love from her newly awakened D N A and new consciousness as you feel this light in your heart and high heart this is your own portal, its your new consciousness forming with your newly activated D N A.

Recap: the awakened consciousness of your heart felt love is your portal, when you go to a sacred site you can feel the power of calm and love.