The next lesson is to understand what the word codes are saying to us/you and how the new consciousness is playing out in real life.

 Stimulate and mobilize the dormant D N A as the normal new consciousness that is prevailing in the collective consciousness of 3D hologram matrix of Gaia this illusion for Gaia.

There is an ambient quality prevailing over Gaia’s holographic illusion ready to re-balance her.


Understanding that your physical structure is in the new concept of the ultra violet frequency through the access the 3 aspects of the dormant D N A.


These revelations open up the portal of the deeper layer of the structure of creation taking you one step forwards.

People have been thinking about D N A in the old way that is visualising it in the 3rd D science of the hologram matrix illusion with a brain that is restricted by the 3D words with distortion of the message.


Expand this and learn how to visualise it as a consciousness that holds all data from D N A of the universal experience through ALL TIME ZONES.

So what does it mean in real time here, now, on the 3rd D illusion. It means we can think about our own D N A as an expanded multi dimensional computer that holds ALL the data we need to bring us into our true state of untainted consciousness.

We can write from this expanded awakened D N A multi D truth instead of our distorted brain with its restrictions.

Reading and understanding that we are ALL the new re-constructed consciousness by the ultra violet light from our sun and distant galactic suns in our home universe.

Practicing this segment of the hyper energy frequency has anchored within Gaia and you.


See our D N A as an open book to ALL information; an expansive multi dimensional D N A that is the D N A of the universe, masters, galactic's, and the divine creators plan.

Open the book, plug in the Data from this divine structure into our computer, open the book of life and read it.


The new structure of the new consciousness for Gaia is being constructed slowly, creating a nucleus of light workers/ souls who are being nurtured into their true being away from the 3D hologram matrix.

These souls are able to absorb the word codes that are altering and opening their dormant D N A into the new consciousness.

The word codes give off the ultra violet frequency of this new way to these souls fields of light expanding their understanding uniquely for their evolution.


These groups are forming the new way of our future Gaia, a nucleus of the Adam Kadmon creator’s direction.

This is filtering into all life on planet earth slowly altering the dormant D N A  in 3 directions activating the Trinitized light.

Given with love x